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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Class Teacher: Mr Ascroft

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Brooks


A massive welcome to all Year 6 children, parents and visitors. I am extremely pleased and excited about working with you this year. Year 6 is hard work but I know, together, we are going to have a very successful year. I promise to do my absolute best for the children in Year 6; if there are any queries or questions you have, please do not hesitate to talk to me after school. 

I love sport and still play football and cricket on a weekly basis as well as supporting my favourite team; Tottenham Hotspur! Long walks in the countryside and visiting new places is something I look forward to and I look forward to finding all about the children's hobbies throughout the year!

Mr Ascroft

Welcome back prayer

Key information


Reading - Reading is at the heart of all our learning at Holy Family. To support this at home, please could all children ensure that they read their school reading book every night and that the planner is signed by an adult. Alongside this, it is also key that all children select their own reading for pleasure book which they will also have opportunities to read and share with others in school. I can't wait to hear about all the 'Recommended Reads' from each of the children and any new vocabulary which they may have collected on their reading journeys. 


Spellings - Every Friday, all children will receive a new spelling list based on spelling rules/patterns which have been our focus in class. Please can all children learn ready for the following Wednesday. It is also key that the children understand any new words met and can apply into their writing. To support this, please could all children take each spelling word and put it into their own engaging sentence which can shared back in class. All written homework must be presented to the highest standard. 


Homework - All children will be given weekly English or maths homework. This is to be completed and returned to school as required. 


PE - PE will take place every Wednesday and Friday. All children must have the correct school PE kit of white t-shirt and black shorts. (Track suits may be worn as the weather turns colder). Please ensure that all children have trainers to enable them to fully participate in this key subject. 

Year 6 enjoyed their time at the local Stainforth library reading a variety of books for pleasure...

Year 6 held a Remembrance Day service at the local cenotaph to pay our respects to those who sacrificed themselves during the war...

Remembrance Service

Year 6 - Fitness Unit


Year 6 developed an awareness of what their body was able to do through various strenuous exercises including long distance running and even press ups!

French Sport and the Olympics

Year 6 have really enjoyed their art topic; Drawing - Making my Voice Heard. In this unit children exploring different drawing techniques, looked at how symbolism can be conveyed in art, the technique of Chiaroscuro and applied this to our topic and their own design...

In Maths, Year 6 have completed their second topic; Multiplication and Division. Children learned place value including up to 3 decimal places, multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000, prime numbers, factors and common factors, and formal methods for multiplication and division...

In Literacy, Year 6's second journey built up to writing a non-chronological report about the Greek Gods. We also produced a creative write which focused on a setting description of Pandora - the setting of the film Avatar!

In Book Talk, Year 6 have really enjoyed reading and answering a variety of comprehension questions on our class book; Who Let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans...

In Computing, Year 6 have designed and developed their own programs using Scratch!

In Science, Year 6's first topic was Light and Perception; children now understand how we see, how shadows are formed, what reflection and refraction mean, the colours of light according to Sir Isaac Newton and light pollution...

Year 6 took part in the Literacy Trust initiative Take 10 which involves 10 minutes reading for pleasure. We also met the famous Susie Gent from Countdown who talked to us about how reading is an important pleasure in her life...

Year 6's first RE topic was Family; Loving where children learned about love, God's love and the meaning of unconditional love through the story of the Prodigal Son...

This half term, Year 6 children have studied Ancient Greece; they have gained knowledge on the first Greek civilisations, how Ancient Greece was ruled, the Persian Wars, the Athenians and the Spartans, the achievements of Alexander the Great and the impact Ancient Greece still has on life today...

During this week's PE lesson, Year 6 used a variety of attacking skills to beat a defender and applied this into a game situation...

During this week's PE lesson, Year 6 children concentrated on the art of being a defensive unit in order to stop an attack from scoring...

Year 6 children really enjoyed their Art lesson on Chiaroscuro; adding dark and light tones to create 3D form...

Year 6 children enjoyed writing their first journey in Literacy - a myths and legends character description based on the Greek God of the Underworld, Hades! 

Year 6 children completed their first ARK Maths Mastery Unit - Integers and Decimals. Children learnt how to read and write numbers numbers beyond a million, understand place value, round to various amounts and addition and subtraction...

Below are pictures of Year 6 children taking part in Scotty's Heroes - Scott put the children through their paces by working on cardiovascular fitness and teamwork...

PE - Tag Rugby

Year 6 children learnt how to select the appropriate skill in different situations, knowing when to run and when to pass

The information and evidence below is for Academic Year 2022-2023

Computing - iNetwork


Year 6 children developed their understanding of networking and the internet and data representation

Computing - iData


Year 6 developed their understanding of formula and spreadsheets

Computing - iApp 2


Year 6 designed and created their very own gaming app using App Inventor

Computing - iApp 2

Still image for this video

Computing - iApp


Year 6 wrote and created their own app with a specific action; they tested their apps and corrected any errors. 

Computing - iProgram


Year 6 planned, created and tested their very own computer game program!

Computing - iSafe


Year 6 created posters and leaflets and held discussions all about the various elements of keeping safe online such as passwords, privacy settings, harassment, bullying and trusted adults

Visiting  a Town in France


During this unit Year 6 were able to describe their route to school, give directions to places in a town, travelling to France through role play, give opinions, identify grammatical features and even make their own passport!

Planning a French Holiday


Year 6 were able to plan their French holiday including using the future tense, describe what will be in their suitcase, read a simple story and plan a holiday to France!

In My French House


Children were able to understand the different elements of a house and family as well as describing rooms and where they live...

French Football Champions


During this unit, Year 6 were able to pronounce new vocabulary, construct sentences and make football player profiles!

French Sport and the Olympics


Year 6 learned about French Sport and the Olympics; they accurately pronounced the name of a sport and were able to construct simple sentences regarding a sport

Design Technology - Structure


Year 6 researched different designs that emergency services use for emergency shelters. The children then designed their own and made them using wood, screws, nails, saws and wood glue..

Design Technology - Electrical and Mechanical systems


Year 6 researched what morse code is and what it was used for. They then designed their own morse code electrical system and made this using electrical equipment...

Art - Painting


Year 6 researched the famous artist Henry Moore and even visited Doncaster Museum to see the artwork the children would be replicating! Children combined drawing and painting into mixed media artwork focusing on Henry Moore's war art...

Art - Sculpture


Year 6 studied the famous artist, Mary E Rodgers. Children looked at her various designs for sculptures around the world. Inspired by these, children designed their own and transferred these onto clay by making clay pots....

History - Making Our Mark


During this topic, children learned about important issues around the world such as; different types of protests, justice, gender equality, racial equality and LGBTQ..

Year 6 - Circulation and Lifestyle


During this topic, children learned all about the circulatory system and the effect that exercise and drugs can have on the human body...

Year 6 - Electricity and Circuits


During this topic, children learned about electricity, electrical components, series circuits, parallel circuits, how we measure electricity and how we make electrical items safe...

Take a look at some examples of final pieces from Year 6 that our external moderators were really impressed by...

Art - Collage Easter cards

Still image for this video

Examples of Maths work on Perimeter, Area and Volume

Examples of Maths work on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Literacy - War narrative

Still image for this video

Science - Evolution and Inheritance

Still image for this video

RE - Unity

Still image for this video

History - Conflict and Resolution!

Still image for this video

Science Day!

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'Keeping up with the kids' - Maths Parent Workshop

Parents were invited to a Maths workshop called 'Keeping up with the kids'. Parents were able to work with their children on arithmetic and reasoning problems throughout the sessions. 

Trip to Crucial Crew!

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Science Investigation at Trinity High School

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Computing - Safer Internet Day

Maths - Ratio

RE - Community/Sources

RE - Other Faiths - The 5 Pillars of Islam

Year 6 writing - Flashback narrative based on 'The Piano'.

Year 6 writing - Newspaper article about the outbreak of World War 1

KS2 Nativity!

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Topic - Global Challenges

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Fantastic Fractions!


Still image for this video

Literacy - Persuasive letter

Still image for this video

King Charles and The Queen Consort visit Mansion House Doncaster 09.11.22

Still image for this video

Year 6's exceptional work in RE: Topic - Belonging

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In Year 6 Science, we explored Light and perception learning about how we see, how light reflects, how light moves, what colour light is, understanding light pollution and completing two investigations involving torches, mirrors and shadows!

Year 6 have really enjoyed being creative when presenting their work about Ancient Egypt...

St Bernadette Relic Tour 2022

The children in year 6 were honoured to take part in a once in a lifetime opportunity- to visit the relics of St Bernadette.

The children travelled to Doncaster on the bus and continued their Pilgrimage of Faith by visiting St Peter in Chains church where the relics had travelled to, all the way from Lourdes.

Take a look at the video below to join us on our journey.

St Bernadette Relic Tour

Still image for this video

Year 6 have completed their first RE journey - Loving. We met our learning objectives through different forms of writing, art, freeze frames and role play! The children have produced some fabulous work...

Year 6 are enjoying leading our reflective Liturgical Prayers!

Year 6 are really enjoying our Class Text - The Crocodile Tomb!

Reading with author Nadia Shireen!

Year 6 have completed the Year 6 unit on Place Value. They understood number, place value, rounding and negative numbers!

Year 6 children's first Writing journey was building up to writing a set of instructions on the process of mummification. We immersed ourselves in instructions by following a map and guidelines around school, we analysed the key features of a range of instruction texts, we learned how to include key skills, then we researched, drafted, wrote and edited an independent write. They did an amazing job!

Our current wonderful, learning environment...

Important reminder regarding High School applications...


SECONDARY APPLICATIONS -  SEPTEMBER 2023 Applications for September 2023 are now live.

Families who do not apply will be allocated alternative schools during the summer term (approximately 50 pupils in 2022). The national closing date is 31 October 2022 and the announcement date is 1 March 2023. All applications made by this date will be considered together. Applications for all community schools, academies and church schools should be made online using the following webpage by clicking on the “APPLY NOW FOR YEAR 7 SEPTEMBER” button.