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Class Teacher: Miss Tomlinson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Haires, Miss Aspinal



A massive welcome to all FS2 children, parents and visitors. We hope you have all had a fabulous summer and are as excited as we are about starting this new autumn term. We are thrilled to see so many familiar faces returning to the team and we extend a very warm welcome to those parents and children joining us for the first time this September.

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions regarding your child and their education or if you require a general update on how your child is progressing. I will ensure I make time to meet or speak with you. 

I love working out, HIIT and lifting weights are my favourite activity followed by hiking and cold water swimming. I spend lots of time climbing mountains and exploring new places. I am so excited to learn all about your children's hobbies and interests and generally getting to know them!

Miss Tomlinson



Key Information


- School starts at 9.00am with the school gates opening at 8.35am (allowing extra time).

- School ends at 3.25pm

- Please ensure the office staff have your up to date contact details.

- Please ring the office if your child will be absent. 

-If someone else is collecting your child, please inform the office, we will not allow your child to leave the premises if we have not been notified.


Reading - Reading is at the heart of all our learning at Holy Family. To support this at home, please could all children ensure that they read their school reading book every night and that the planner is signed by an adult. Alongside this, it is also key that all children select their own reading for pleasure book which they will also have opportunities to read and share with others in school. 


Phonics- Phonics is a way of teaching reading where children are taught to read letters or groups of letters by saying the sound(s) they represent. The phonics programme we follow is called Read Write Inc. (RWI). In reception we are beginning to blend sounds together to create words. Your child will bring home sounds that they are learning to consolidate at home. It is really important that the children practise blending sounds together to create words so please blend, blend, blend with your children at home. Playing simple listening games can help your children understand phonics a lot more. Asking your child 'Can you get your c-oa-t?' 'Sit on the ch-air.' etc. will help them understand 'fred talk' or 'sounding out'.



Homework - All children will be given weekly English/Phonics or Maths homework. This is to be completed and returned to school as required. 



Here at Holy Family we pride ourselves on our smart appearances. Please ensure children come to school dressed appropriately wearing full school uniform in line with school policy, including black shoes and no jewellery.


Back to School Prayer


Children in Reception learnt how Sikhs wear special clothes. They made their own person from a Sikh family and used different materials to dress them.


Children in Reception worked together to make shapes using shapes. They used problem solving skills, shared resources and used newly taught vocabulary to make different shapes, making sure they all matched.

Fluent Readers in Reception

Scan the QR code and sit back and listen to two of Reception children fluently, and with expression, read their book. I am sure you will agree, this is outstanding reading from some of our youngest children.

Picnic Lunch

Reception, Year 1 and 2 enjoyed eating their picnic lunch outside in the sun with all their friends.

PE Showcase

The children really enjoyed showing off their skills to their parents. Fantastic support from parents too, thank you for all your support.

Painting and Mixed Media

Children in Reception have chose their favourite colour to finger paint with. They then experimented mixing their colours. They also mixed mud with water to create a masterpiece and then listened to a piece of music and painted to the rhythm of the music.

They then used a mix of media to make their own collage and created their own transient art using loose parts. 


Children in Reception learnt about D-Day. We discussed pictures of the D-Day Landing and looked closely at colours. The children then tried to copy the colour using a colour wash to paint the background of their pictures and then used their cutting skills to cut silhouettes of soldiers. 

Some children also wrote about why we remember D-Day. 

Understanding the World - Past and Present

Children looked at pictures and books and sorted past and present pictures to find familiar situations in the past.

An Artist in EYFS

One of our parents very kindly offered to revamp a very tired looking container in the EYFS outdoor area and transformed it into a masterpiece. What an incredible artist. Thank you so very much Mr. Karl Lanaghan.

Reception children used this an opportunity to write for a purpose and made Mr. Lanaghan a card to say thank you and how we appreciated him giving up his time to brighten up our area.


Children in Reception really enjoyed learning all about Diwali and were really engaged with lots of different activities.

Understanding the World - People, Culture and Communities

Children looked at images and video clips, they shared texts and other resources to bring the wider world into the classroom.

The Natural World - Seasons

Children used images and texts to learn about the changing seasons and applied what they had learnt by matching the correct activities to the season.

Reception visiting the Reading Room

Children in Reception really enjoy visiting the Reading Room to choose a reading for pleasure book to take home and share with their adults.

Literacy - Writing basic sentences

Using their phonics skills, Reception children wrote a poster, a ticket and captioned some of the things that they did during Dan the Circus Man visit. 

Understanding the World - The Natural World - Shadows

Children in Reception were taught all about shadows. They engaged with their environment, developed critical thinking skills, and appreciated the magic of light and dark. Children explored how light interacts with objects and drew around the shapes that shadows made. Children were also given opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings related to light and darkness. 


In Reception, children have been improving their ball skills.

Dental Nurse in Reception

Reception had a visit from the dental nurse. They were reminded to brush their teeth twice a day and brush them for 2 minutes. They were also reminded about all the good food and drink that help to look after our teeth and all the bad foods that give us cavities.

PE in Reception

Children in Reception have getting better at their throwing skills, over arm and under arm.

The children had the pleasure of a comical and funny demonstration of circus tricks that gave the children the opportunity to develop social skills, improve risk taking judgement, align individuals' projected and actual selves and enhance problem solving, creativity, self-esteem and perseverance. 



Ultimate Frisbee

Children in Reception had a great time at Ultimate Frisbee and learnt lots of new skills.

Maths Consolidation - Addition, Subtraction, Doubling and Halving

Children in Reception have had lots of opportunities to practice addition, subtraction, doubling and halving. What amazing mathematicians we have!

Knowledge and understanding of the World - Past and Present

Children used pictures and listened to accounts from the past to explain similarities and differences.

RSE - Feeling Poorly

Children were introduced to medicines and learnt how to be safe around them. Children drew on their own experiences of feeling poorly and taking medicines. Children were taught that our bodies are a gift from God in which we should take care of.

French Day

Children in reception began their day by answering the register with Bonjour. They learnt to count to 10 in French and made a variety of flags for our French Day displays using a range of different materials. Every time they heard the word 'French' they had to reply with, 'ooh la lar'. 

World Book Day 2024

What a fantastic day Reception have had. It's been all about books, books, books! Children have enjoyed listening to stories in the reading room, they have read stories themselves, written wanted posters for villains, written words to describe why we love reading and written quotes from their favourite characters. All the children made an exceptional effort with their costumes too!

Lenten Promises

The children in Reception wrote Lenten Promises and attached them to our whole school Lenten Promise tree. They reflected on what Lent means to them.

Other Faiths - Islam

Reception children have been discovering what special objects are for Muslims. They worked hard to create their very own prayer mat.

The children in Reception got to meet rare and exotic animals from around the world. Some of these animals were invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. The children really enjoyed touching and describing the animals and having this opportunity to meet such beautiful creatures.

Chinese New Year

Reception children had a great time in our 'Chinese Restaurant' sampling the delights of Chinese foods.

PE in Reception

Reception children enjoyed exploring actions in response to a theme.

Snow Days are Fun Days

Reception took advantage of the snow and enjoyed some time making snowballs, catching snow on tongues and writing letters in the snow. 

Understanding the World - The Natural World

Reception children have been busy exploring the natural world around them, learning all about plants. They have named and described some plants, their favourite being the sunflower. Lots of discussions were made to find out how plants grow. New vocabulary was introduced and children began to use this when labelling parts of a plant. They used their creative skills too to make a sunflower, using different media and colour for a purpose.



Valentines Day

Reception children enjoyed learning about Valentines day. They learnt when it was, some pictures that represent love and that on this special day, people show their love for each other. They made cards, decorated love hearts using different media and used their fine motor skills to twist, bend and manipulate resources into their own objects of love.

Past and Present

Children learnt about the history of a bookmark from Victorian times versus modern-day styles. They used threading to design and make their very own bookmark.

Addition and Subtraction within 10.

Children in Reception used concrete representations using animals or counters. They are beginning to understand adding and subtraction.

Writing Captions for the Ginger Bread Man.

Reception were curious as to why the table was covered in paper! They got really excited when they were asked to work together to sequence the Ginger Bread Man story in pictures. They had so much fun they asked to label the pictures they had drawn. They used newly introduced vocabulary and joined in with repeated refrains.

Prayer Bear

Prayer Bear will be coming home with children to help them learn their prayers.


I’m just a little Prayer Bear,
I’ll sit upon your bed
It’s my job to remind you
When your prayers should be said.

When you put me on your pillow
As you make your bed each day
Remember as you hold me,
To take the time to pray.

Then when you go to bed at night
And put me on the floor,
Remember to take the time to kneel
And say your prayers once more.

FS2 really enjoyed creating simple dance patterns and adapting and performing them.

Understanding the World

Reception children joined the 'Nature Girls' as they packed their bags and started a journey, exploring natural habitats around the world. They swam in the sea, explored the desert and discovered the harsh arctic tundra. Children understood that there is so much to discover about the natural world.


FS2 - PE - Exploring Body Parts

This week in PE, Reception children have been exploring different body parts and how they move. They have also had to remember and repeat actions.

This second maths session was all about matching Numicon shapes to numerals, combining, equivalence, pattern and generalising and using Numicon to add. All the children worked extremely hard and completed some really tuff challenges.  

FS2 Book Club

Reception children really enjoy visiting the reading room and taking part in book club. Today we discussed our favourite characters and setting.

During the first session of the Parent Maths Meeting, we covered the objects listed below.

Daily maths activities:

An introduction of a broad range of learning opportunities to develop fluency in counting and calculating across other areas of school life.

Introducing Numicon Shapes:

Introduction of Numicon shapes.

Naming the shapes by colour.

Matching Numicon shapes to a Numicon number line.

Using Numicon shapes and picture overlays.

Children joined our meeting and enjoyed learning alongside their parents and grandparents. Everyone fully engaged in singing, games and problem solving.

Session 2 to be held on 23rd January.

Parent Phonics Meeting (2) - Listening to your child Read

During the second session of our parent meetings, adults were introduced to how their children are learning to read words by blending sounds together. They were also made aware of Fred Talk and how he can help children with their reading. Parents were also informed of how they can help their children read at home.



Keeping Safe on the Internet in FS2

Reception children have learnt how to keep safe on-line.

PE in Reception

Reception have been getting better at identifying body parts and learning all about how they move.

Children in Reception chose their design to make a special Parish Christmas card.

Making Algorithms

Reception children learnt that nursery rhymes need involve a sequence and they made their own flow chart.

Year 1 and Year 2 Supporting Reception with Reading

Children from Years 1 & 2 came and spent some time with Reception children to support them with their reading. Great reading buddies, thank you Year 1 and Year 2.

Making and Tasting Pumpkin Soup

Children explored the differences between fruits and vegetables using their senses (taste, texture, smell etc.). They listened to the story ‘The best pumpkin soup’ and discussed the key ingredients the characters used before developing a class-based vegetable soup recipe.

It tasted delicious!

Our RSE Journey in Autumn Term

In module 1, Created and loved by God,  Reception children have learnt all about their bodies and being healthy, emotional well-being and life cycles.

Children listened to lots of stories about the everyday lives of children in countries around the world. They learnt that even though they live in different countries and speak different languages, they still have the same things and enjoy the same activities.

Singing Nursery Rhymes

Children in FS2 love singing, especially nursery rhymes. They learn new words, develop non-verbal communication skills, 

early maths skills along with learning different beats and rhythms.



Technology in FS2

Children in Reception learnt that there is lots of different technology all around us. They looked at pictures and commentated if they had seen the objects before. They also made their own contributions of other types of technology they see at home.


Scientists in Reception

Children in FS2 explored magnetism to attract and move some objects.

RE -Belonging

Den Building In our Outdoor Area

Reception children have really enjoyed den building. They used waterproof material and pegs to attach and sat inside and told stories.


Children have explored what makes an anti-bullying superhero. We discussed what it looks like when someone is in a unkind way and how we can help those affected.

We read the story, 'Be the Kind Kid' and and learnt about a kind hearted girl called Ellie who set up a kindness club after finding out one of her friends were being bullied.

Remembrance Day

Reception children gathered at our whole school display to reflect on the lives of the soldiers that fought for us to allow us to live in peace. After they said a prayer, they left their poppy as a mark of respect.  

Reading Room

FS2 children really enjoyed reading for pleasure in the reading room. They chose their own books, read independently and shared books with their friends.

PE in Reception - Ball skills

Children in Reception enjoyed rolling tennis balls with control.

Black History