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Class Teacher: Miss Tomlinson

Teaching Assistant:

 Mr Smith-Cattell


A massive welcome to all FS2 children, parents and visitors. We hope you have all had a fabulous summer and are as excited as we are about starting this new autumn term. We are thrilled to see so many familiar faces returning to the team and we extend a very warm welcome to those parents and children joining us for the first time this September.

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions regarding your child and their education or if you require a general update on how your child is progressing. I will ensure I make time to meet or speak with you. 

I love working out, HIIT is my favourite activity followed by hiking. I spend lots of time climbing mountains and exploring new places. I am so excited to learn all about your children's hobbies and interests and generally getting to know them!

Miss Tomlinson



Back to School Prayer

Key Information


- School starts at 9.00am with the school gates opening at 8.35am (allowing extra time).

- School ends at 3.25pm

- Please ensure the office staff have your up to date contact details.

- Please ring the office if your child will be absent. 

-If someone else is collecting your child, please inform the office, we will not allow your child to leave the premises if we have not been notified.


Reading - Reading is at the heart of all our learning at Holy Family. To support this at home, please could all children ensure that they read their school reading book every night and that the planner is signed by an adult. Alongside this, it is also key that all children select their own reading for pleasure book which they will also have opportunities to read and share with others in school. 


Phonics- Phonics is a way of teaching reading where children are taught to read letters or groups of letters by saying the sound(s) they represent. The phonics programme we follow is called Read Write Inc. (RWI). In reception we are beginning to blend sounds together to create words. Your child will bring home sounds that they are learning to consolidate at home. It is really important that the children practise blending sounds together to create words so please blend, blend, blend with your children at home. Playing simple listening games can help your children understand phonics a lot more. Asking your child 'Can you get your c-oa-t?' 'Sit on the ch-air.' etc. will help them understand 'fred talk' or 'sounding out'.



Homework - All children will be given weekly English/Phonics or Maths homework. This is to be completed and returned to school as required. 



Here at Holy Family we pride ourselves on our smart appearances. Please ensure children come to school dressed appropriately wearing full school uniform in line with school policy, including black shoes and no jewellery.


Celebrating the Queen

Still image for this video

Reception children looked at the historic day when Princess Elizabeth formly became Queen Elizabeth II. We looked at photographs taken on the day of her Coronation - 2nd June 1953. We made a crown, flags and 'God Save our Queen' banner to use to role play our very own Coronation. Children were introduced to sketching and tried really hard to study the face of the Queen. We wrote a prayer together and we looked at coins, making observations and noticing that they all had the Queens head on one side.  

Reading Room

Children in FS2 are already enjoying reading for pleasure. They have enjoyed some time in our reading room choosing a variety of books and discussing lots of characters.

Prayer Bear

FS2 children have been introduced to a new edition to our class, everyone, please meet Prayer Bear. Prayer Bear is very excited to help the children learn their prayers at home.

Mud Kitchen

After discussions in the classroom regarding everyones favourite food, the children then went out into the outdoor area. "Miss Tomlinson, Miss Tomlinson" the children shouted. "We are making you your favourite lunch, spicy soup" The children told me they had put all the ingredients together, mixed it, added water to make it runny, stirred it and then put it in the oven to cook. Delicious!

KS1 and EYFS Liturgical Prayer

Autumnal Tuff Tray

The children gathered objects from outside and within the class room to make their very own autumnal tuff tray. Children discussed texture, size and shape and expressed what part of autumn they liked the best.

Gross Motor Skills

Children were using the vehicles in the outdoor area and a child asked for some chalk so they could, "Make a road for the vehicles to travel" (Vocabulary introduced in last years topic). This encouraged lots of children to join in, using large movements to develop their gross motor skills.

Being Independent

Children in Recpeption are already demonstrating independence. They balanced their food on their tray, removed their lunch and took their own tray. The dinner staff were amazed at how well they managed their first week in the hall, also commenting on how well the children used their manners.

Autumn Animal Antics in Reception

Take a look at our inviting classroom environment.

Children will be challenged in the maths area, use provision to apply what they have learnt in phonics and read in the reading area.

Children will also learn all about the season of autumn and observe changes in the environment.

They will create habitats and understand why animals hibernate.

Mr Smith and I are extremely excitied to start this learning journey with the children.