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Class Teacher: Miss Tomlinson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Haires, Miss Aspinal



A massive welcome to all FS2 children, parents and visitors. We hope you have all had a fabulous summer and are as excited as we are about starting this new autumn term. We are thrilled to see so many familiar faces returning to the team and we extend a very warm welcome to those parents and children joining us for the first time this September.

Please do not hesitate to ask me questions regarding your child and their education or if you require a general update on how your child is progressing. I will ensure I make time to meet or speak with you. 

I love working out, HIIT and lifting weights are my favourite activity followed by hiking and cold water swimming. I spend lots of time climbing mountains and exploring new places. I am so excited to learn all about your children's hobbies and interests and generally getting to know them!

Miss Tomlinson



Key Information


- School starts at 9.00am with the school gates opening at 8.35am (allowing extra time).

- School ends at 3.25pm

- Please ensure the office staff have your up to date contact details.

- Please ring the office if your child will be absent. 

-If someone else is collecting your child, please inform the office, we will not allow your child to leave the premises if we have not been notified.


Reading - Reading is at the heart of all our learning at Holy Family. To support this at home, please could all children ensure that they read their school reading book every night and that the planner is signed by an adult. Alongside this, it is also key that all children select their own reading for pleasure book which they will also have opportunities to read and share with others in school. 


Phonics- Phonics is a way of teaching reading where children are taught to read letters or groups of letters by saying the sound(s) they represent. The phonics programme we follow is called Read Write Inc. (RWI). In reception we are beginning to blend sounds together to create words. Your child will bring home sounds that they are learning to consolidate at home. It is really important that the children practise blending sounds together to create words so please blend, blend, blend with your children at home. Playing simple listening games can help your children understand phonics a lot more. Asking your child 'Can you get your c-oa-t?' 'Sit on the ch-air.' etc. will help them understand 'fred talk' or 'sounding out'.



Homework - All children will be given weekly English/Phonics or Maths homework. This is to be completed and returned to school as required. 



Here at Holy Family we pride ourselves on our smart appearances. Please ensure children come to school dressed appropriately wearing full school uniform in line with school policy, including black shoes and no jewellery.


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Year 1 and Year 2 Supporting Reception with Reading

Children from Years 1 & 2 came and spent some time with Reception children to support them with their reading. Great reading buddies, thank you Year 1 and Year 2.

Making and Tasting Pumpkin Soup

Children explored the differences between fruits and vegetables using their senses (taste, texture, smell etc.). They listened to the story ‘The best pumpkin soup’ and discussed the key ingredients the characters used before developing a class-based vegetable soup recipe.

It tasted delicious!

Our RSE Journey in Autumn Term

In module 1, Created and loved by God,  Reception children have learnt all about their bodies and being healthy, emotional well-being and life cycles.

Children listened to lots of stories about the everyday lives of children in countries around the world. They learnt that even though they live in different countries and speak different languages, they still have the same things and enjoy the same activities.

Singing Nursery Rhymes

Children in FS2 love singing, especially nursery rhymes. They learn new words, develop non-verbal communication skills, 

early maths skills along with learning different beats and rhythms.



Technology in FS2

Children in Reception learnt that there is lots of different technology all around us. They looked at pictures and commentated if they had seen the objects before. They also made their own contributions of other types of technology they see at home.


Scientists in Reception

Children in FS2 explored magnetism to attract and move some objects.

RE -Belonging

Den Building In our Outdoor Area

Reception children have really enjoyed den building. They used waterproof material and pegs to attach and sat inside and told stories.


Children have explored what makes an anti-bullying superhero. We discussed what it looks like when someone is in a unkind way and how we can help those affected.

We read the story, 'Be the Kind Kid' and and learnt about a kind hearted girl called Ellie who set up a kindness club after finding out one of her friends were being bullied.

Remembrance Day

Reception children gathered at our whole school display to reflect on the lives of the soldiers that fought for us to allow us to live in peace. After they said a prayer, they left their poppy as a mark of respect.  

Reading Room

FS2 children really enjoyed reading for pleasure in the reading room. They chose their own books, read independently and shared books with their friends.

PE in Reception - Ball skills

Children in Reception enjoyed rolling tennis balls with control.

Black History

Reception have explored Black History focusing on Mo Farah. The children learnt who Mo Farah is, his early life when he was growing up and all about when he won Olympic Gold and all of his other medals. 

Art - Marvellous Marks

Children made marks with wax crayons and explored textures in the classroom environment using wax rubbings. They also used felt tips to develop fine motor skills whilst making patterns. Children then made marks in our outdoor provision using chalk.

People, Culture and Communities

Children looked at the pictures of our school and discussed the name of the road and town that our school is located in.



Reception children have used iPads to access a range of different software.

Past and Present

Reception children shared images of their family to develop an understanding of the past and present. We all listened to what children had to say about the pictures.

A big thank you to parents for taking the time to bring in the pictures. 

Fire Fighters came to the rescue of a stranded cat on top of a neighboring roof and stayed to share their experience and expertise with the children in EYFS.

What a treat is was! All the children enjoyed their stories and especially enjoyed sitting in the fire engine, watching the water gush out of their hose and listening to the sirens.

Thank you so much South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, what an incredible team!

RE - Myself

Phonics - Parent Meeting 1

What a fantastic amount of parents attending our very first phonics session. Thank you so much to each and everyone of you, your support is very much appreciated.

The first session introduced parents to phonics, what it is and how we teach it in EYFS.

Keep an eye out on parent mail for the next one in the next half term.


Reception enjoying PE

Reception children really enjoy being outdoors and taking part in PE. This week children were developing accuracy when throwing to a target.

Scientists In Reception

Children have learnt to share and look at non-fiction texts and have explored their senses.

Mathematicians in Reception

As part of the transition into Reception, provision has been planned to enable children to develop early mathematical concepts in classifying, matching, comparing and ordering.  Children's experiences in these concepts have been explored through child-initiated learning, and developed through incidental opportunities.


Prayer Liturgy

The children visited our chapel. They reflected on the word 'respectful'. Together they said a personal pray to God.

                                                                  'Thank you God for everyone'

The information and evidence below is for Academic Year 2022-2023

Sam's Safari

Reception children really enjoyed their visitors today. What a fantastic experience for them. Being able to explore the awe and wonder about these brilliant creatures.

Sports Day and Inflatable

Reception children had a great day competing in Sports day and having fun on the inflatable.

Sky Arts Week - Identity - 2D and 3D Mark Making

Children in EYFS explored 2D and 3D mark making. They took inspiration from videos and pictures to complete their 'Identity' challenge.

FS2 DT Coronation Challenge

EYFS have enjoyed preparing and celebrating King Charles' Coronation. They have familiarisied themselves with our new King. Children found out what a coronation is, what happens during the coronation ceremony and some of the special items involved, such as the crowns, sceptres and orbs. Children were also encouraged to use newly learnt vocabulary associated with the event. 

Dental Nurse

The dental nurse visited FS2 today to discuss how to look after our teeth and how we can keep them healthy.

Once Upon a Time Environment Summer 1

Easter Cards

FS2 children enjoyed handling and manipulating chalk. They made marks and rubbed the chalk to make repeating patterns when making their Easter Cards.

Science Day in EYFS

Still image for this video
We enjoyed exploring different science experiments in Early Years. Our favourite two experiments were 'Magic Milk' and we created a 'Bubble Machine!' Isn't Science fascinating!

Farm animals visitied EYFS today, lambs and chickens. The children spoke to Charley, the farmer, and her daughter Maisey. They looked at eggs and discussed how to look after various farm animals. After close observation, children commented and understood similarities and differences between the animals and ourselves. 

All children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it really did create a buzz for the animals in the natural world around them.

RE - Eucharist - Relating

Changing States of Matter

Reception children took advantage of the snow and joined in with an experiment. They gathered pots of snow from outside and discussed what they thought would happen. They estimated how long it would take to melt and discussed the changes they observed over time.

All children in EYFS worked together to create art work linked to World Book Day 2023. They chose 'What the Lady Bird Heard' for their reading for pleasure book. A range of different media was used to create the animals, tissue paper, felt, paint, wool and sewing were just a few resources used. Newly taught skills were used along with previous skiils. Children enjoyed their day and enjoyed creating a masterpiece that is now displayed in our reading room.

Literacy linked with Geography

Reception children have written instructions using recognisable letters and spelling words correctly.

They drew a map using their knowledge of the story, 'What the Lady Bird Heard.'

Pancake Day - Shrove Tuesday

Reception children learnt that pancake day is also referred to as Shrove Tuesday and that it is celebrated on the Tuesday before Lent begins. They were very excited to learn that pancakes were made using batter which consists of flour, eggs and milk. They really enjoyed mixing all the batter ingredients together before frying the mixture to make pancakes. 

'Delicious' was the word most used when eating the pancakes!


Safer Internet Day 2023

Children in FS2 discussed all the different types of technology they have at home. They made a ladder to rank their favourite at the top. Children answered lots of different questions and were made aware of do's and dont's when using the internet.

Spring 2 Learning Environment - Farm

Artists in Reception

Together we became artists, inspired by Picasso, to create portraits. We looked at all the portraits Picasso ahd painted, decided on our favourite and used shapes and expressions to create our very own master pieces. 

Other Faiths - Islam

Children in Recpetion learnt all about another faith -  Islam. They were introduced to new vocabulary and explored special days and ritual objects used within the religion. 

RE - Community

Children were introduced to the term 'Parish Family.' We discussed what the children already knew about celebrating in the  church. Children confidently remembered that we celebrate Baptism, Christmas, and Weddings in a church. 

Children learnt to pray 'Our Father,' named and labelled all the items used to celebrate in a church and write thank you letters to Father Joseph. Role play was used to reinact the Presentation Story where children were given opportunities to apply new vocabulary. 

Happy Chinese New Year 


Children in Reception have enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year. They learnt that Chinese New Year changes each year because it follows a calendar that is linked to the moon and that it always takes place in January or February. This year is the year of the Rabbit. 

Lots of different learning opportunities were set up for children to explore Chinese New Year and to spark awe and wonder. 

Children tasted a variety of chinese foods and used chopsticks to improve their fine motor skills and perserverance.

What a fantastic experience had by all children!


FS2 had a very special visitor from CAFOD today. The children learnt that we are all unique, we are all different and that it is is OK because that's how God made us. Children also learnt a song and joined in confidently with the words and the actions. Children identified similarities and differences when reading the story.

RE - Community

EYFS worked together to create our whole school Community RE display. Reception made the church, Our Lady of the Assumption and Nursery children made our Preist, Father Joseph. Together we became artists, inspired by Picasso, to create the Parish Family. We looked at portraits and discussed shapes and expressions. 

PE - Fundamental Moving Skills

Children in FS2 have been getting better at fundamental moving skills. They have moved in different directions at different speeds.

Expressive Arts and Design - Being Imaginative and Expressive

Children were given dinosaur skeletons and were encouraged to think about and discuss what they wanted to do with them. Children looked at them and together generated ideas. They decided they wanted to draw them. One child suggested they draw around the skeleton to make it look the same size and another child said to add detail. These comments inspired other children to do so.






Understanding the World - The Natural World

Children have been observing and interacting with natural processess. They have used magnets to attract objects.



Being Imaginative and Expressive - DT

Children were provided with opportunities to work together to develop and create ideas. They discussed what they could make and in maths, they made a pictogram to decide on the colours to use. hildren were given a range of materials for them to construct with. 

Children also applied their joining techniques, using adhesive tape and different sorts of glue.






Understanding the World - Past and Present

FS2 children have spent time deepening their understanding of immediate family by remebering and talking about special times in their lives.




Spring 1 Learning Envirnment - Stomp Chomp Roar, here come the Dinosaurs!

RE Advent - Birthday

The Christmas Story and Advent Wreaths

Our 2023 Calendars linked to Understanding the World.

Understanding the World in FS2

Getting better at 2D shapes