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Personal Meeting ID 975 256 0664

Password: 7Es5FV

The above is a link to our School Zoom lessons and the Meeting ID number and password you will need to access the lesson. This information will allow you to access ALL lessons throughout the week. Thanks for your support

Following on from Boris Johnson's speech (10th May), please take a moment to read the following letter from Mrs Nesbit. 

Home Learning


Children have been provided with home learning packs containing a variety of different activities for the children to complete at home. 

Please keep connected by joining our class Facebook group. 

Year 5 Holy Family 


For whole school information please also join the following group. 

Holy Family Catholic Primary School Parent's Information Page 


Below you will find lots of additions resources and links for each subject.


During this time, children could take the opportunity to learn lots of life skills with the family such as, baking, sewing, cooking etc.

This situation has provided us with a great chance for families to learn together, do lots of fun activities together and create lots of memories.

If you need any additional support you can contact me on

Above all else, keep safe and look after each other. 

Miss Booth & Mrs Brooks


Weekly time table

There is a weekly timetable to provide you with ideas for additional activities. It will also assist in providing a structure for your children's home learning.


Use the links below to find useful resources and activity ideas for each subject. 

Use the links below to take a look at some of the amazing things we have got up in year 5!