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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two

Teacher: Miss L Langston

Teaching Assistant: Miss C Ellams

Home learning 

Here is a variety of learning that can be completed at home while school is closed. The learning packs that have been sent home have paper and pencils for you to do the following activities. Stay safe and have fun home learning.

Miss Langston

Other useful websites for Home Learning

School reminders

  • School starts at 9:00am with the school gates opening at 8:35am (allowing extra time for all the children to make their way onto the school playground).
  • Please ensure the office staff have your up to date contact details.
  • Please ring the office if your child will be absent. 
  • Breakfast club starts at 8:00am and the gates will be closed at 8:15am.


If you have any questions or concerns please see Miss Langston. I am more than happy to speak to parents about any issues or conerns or whether you want an update regarding your child.

Curriculum newsletters and knowledge organisers


Year Two have been exploring diaries this half term. We had a competition to see who could write the best diary entry. A kangaroo broke into our classroom and we had to write as the caretaker who found the kangaroo who had made a huge mess in our classroom. Mr Langston, our caretaker, judged our diary competition which made everyone really eager to win. First we identified the main features of diaries that we will have to use for our diaries. We then learnt about different suffixes we could use in our diaries. The children explored past tense and how to write their diaries in the past tense. Finally we improved basic feelings so we could up level the vocabulary in our diaries. The children combined everything they had learnt and wrote brilliant diaries. I am so proud of all the effort the children put into writing their diaries! Congratulations to our winners! 



Year two have been focusing on George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl in our reading sessions. The children love immersing themselves in the world of Roald Dahl and often read his books for pleasure outside or at home in their spare time. The children cannot wait to find out what happens to Grandma when she finally tastes George's medicine, we have loved reading about the different, strange objects he has put in so far. We have also enjoyed learning all about Roald Dahl and who he was. The children found it fascinating that he wrote all of his stories in a little shed in his garden and that he has invented over 500 new words and characters. We were all so inspired! Year two also really enjoyed being able to read at break and lunch times on the deck chairs and going in the reading room again. We love reading!


Year two have been on a microhabitat and minibeast hunt around the school grounds to see what we could find. Using magnifying glasses, we looked in the grass, under logs and in trees and found lots of different creatures. The children found worms, butterflies, woodlice, bees, ladybirds and ants. We loved using the magnifying glasses to investigate the school grounds and zooming into each minibeast. 

R.E- Pentecost celebration 

Year 2 really enjoyed our Pentecost celebration day. We started the day with an R.E lesson about the promise Jesus made to the disciples. The children learnt that Jesus couldn't stay with the disciples, he had to go back to God but he would send them a friend to help them live good lives. Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit! The children reflected on how Christians use the power of the Holy Spirit in their daily lives to help others. Then we made flame hats and flame sticks to represent the flames that appeared on the disciples as a result of the Holy Spirit. We ended the day with a peaceful collective worship reflecting on how we can spread the Holy Spirit just like the disciples.


Year 2 have really enjoyed our music lesson this week as they've tried a new experience. We warmed up our voice ready to sing our class song 'Friendship'. Then we got the recorders out and had a go at following the tune playing the recorders. Some of the class had never seen a recorder before and most of them had never played one before so it was a brand new experience. Year 2 showed resilience as it was quite tricky to begin with but we mastered the skill by the end of the lesson!


Year 2 have been focusing on our school intent of being creative. We have combined everything we have learnt about Australia so far and recorded it in our project books. The children used a range of different techniques and skills in their project books and we are really proud of the work we have produced. Year 2 are creative! 


Year 2 are learning about shapes and their different properties. We explored different 2D shapes by describing them to our partners whilst hiding the shape behind our backs. The children have counted the sides and vertices of different 2D shapes. Then we have explored the vertical line of symmetry in different 2D shapes and how both sides have to be equal for it to be symmetrical. The children were able to build on their prior learning in year 1 as they could recognise and name basic 2D shapes.


Year 2 have been learning about different faiths in R.E. This week we have explored Islam and how Muslims prepare for prayer. The children learnt how Muslims have take off their shoes and wash themselves before the can pray and how that is different to a church. We experienced a call to prayer, the children were in awe of the beautiful prayer. Then, we explored different prayer mats, looking at the different colours and patterns. The children designed their own prayer mats with people kneeling in a prayer position. We are creative!

Immersive afternoons

Year 2 have really enjoyed immersing themselves in our new topic Australia. We have been really creative this week making different animals for our huge Great Barrier Reef. We have used tissue paper to make our own turtles and jelly fish and paint to make our own fish. Also, we enjoyed using our enquiry skills to locate where Australia is on a world map using an atlas. The children explored the different continents of the world and loved reading the names of the different cities in Australia.

Year 2 have loved coming back to school and have really enjoyed seeing their friends and all the staff here at Holy Family! Today we enjoyed lots of P.E such as yoga, dancing, running races and ball skills! We had lots of fun and laughter together as a class which made us all very happy! 

Remote learning 


In Year 2 we have been exploring few amazing books by Roald Dahl. We have started this term with George's Marvellous Medicine. The children loved hearing about George and his wicked Grandma and how he searched through the house making her a horrible medicine to make her happier. We LOVED reading this book! 

We are currently reading the fabulous book: Matilda. Everyone in Year 2 can't wait to find out what she gets up to and how the book differs from the film as a lot of our children have seen the film but have never read the book. 

Please join Miss Ellams at 2:30PM Tuesday-Friday on Teams to enter the magical world of Matilda. Happy reading Year 2!

Also, have a look at this link for some great FREE reading materials! 


Literacy leaflets

Wc 8th February 

Year 2 have been learning about information texts this term, specifically leaflets. We explored the main features of leaflets and how they capture the reader's attention. The children have been focusing on writing sentences including the subordination conjunctions- if, when and because. The children then chose an attraction in Doncaster to focus their leaflet on such as The Dome or The Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They planned their leaflets choosing a title, subheadings, colours and the layout. Here is what Year 2 have designed, wrote and created.

Mental health and well-being

Wc 1st February

For mental health and well-being week year 2 dressed to express. We discussed how certain colours or clothes can make us feel. The children each chose an item of clothing or outfit that is their favourite. Some chose their outfit because it was colourful or it was their favourite colour. Others chose their outfit because it makes them feel happy and reminds them of their favourite films, sports or different holidays such as Christmas. The children all chose beautiful outfits and amazing explanations to explain why it was their favourite! Year 2 certainly dressed to impress and express!


Wc 25th January

In topic we are learning about Doncaster. We have been exploring Doncaster on a map and where we live. Then we explored the different symbols on the map that show the main features of Doncaster such as Frenchgate and Doncaster Airport. This week year 2 drew their own map based on an area in Doncaster of their choice. They labelled the main features on their map and coloured in the roads and different features. We really enjoyed this activity and loved being creative!


Wc 18th January

In RE we are learning about the topic books. This week we learnt about God's special book- The Bible! We explored the two different sections of the Bible- the New Testament and Old Testament. The children designed their own front covers for a Bible, thinking about what might be on the front of the Bible and how they want to design it. Amazing work year 2!!

Online learning timetables

Our topic journey- dinosaurs! We loved learning about dinosaurs, here are all the exciting things we did this term!

Dinosaurs topic journey.mp4

Still image for this video

Carols Around the Crib Holy Family

Anti-bullying week

For anti-bullying week we wore odd socks to show we are all different and unique. We discussed what bullying is and what we should do if we feel we are being bullied. Then we discussed our differences and what is special about each individual in our amazing class. We loved wearing odd socks!

Remembrance day 

Remembrance day is an important day for everyone to remember those that gave their lives so we could have ours today. The children discussed poppies and their importance and then we made our own. We painted, used chalk and coloured in our poppies to fill our windows with poppies to show that we will remember. We held a collective worship at the front of school where the children could see the amazing display of poppies. We looked at the 'Flanders field' and the cross and said a beautiful prayer. It was a wonderful day and we will continue to remember every year!

Enterprise week

The children have loved making their enterprise reindeers this week. First, the children had to colour in their template of a reindeer. Then, they had to cut it out and cut out the holes for the lollipop and the stick. After that, they had to stick the two sides together and trap the lolly in the nose hole. Lastly, they picked a set of googly eyes to stick on their reindeer. We thoroughly enjoyed creating our own lolly reindeers and the children were so excited to take them home.

Black history week

For black history week we focused on three main areas: film, sports and music. We looked at three important people in these areas: Will Smith, Mo Farah and Bob Marley. The children really enjoyed experiencing reggae music and learning about Bob Marley and The Whalers. Three little birds is now year two's favourite song to listen to. Then the children watched videos of Mo Farah at the Olympics and how he showed determination to win double gold medals. We learnt the 'Mobot' which is what you can see in the pictures below. Lastly, we learnt about Will Smith and his success in the film industry. The children mostly recognised him from the lastest Aladdin movie as The Genie but they also liked seeing him when he was young in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Throughout the week we had many discussions and collective worship's about equality and how we are all valued regardless of our hair colour, eye colour and especially skin colour. We are all equal!

Current Topic: 

Our current topic is dinosaurs! We are really looking forward to  exploring and learning all about life as a dinosaur and the many types of species of dinosaurs that once roamed Earth! 

Reading books

Children need a reading book in school each day, they are also expected to read at home every day in order to improve fluency and accuracy. Books are closely matched to their reading ability and will be changed as they improve and can answer comprehension questions about the text.



PE Day is Wednesday - please make sure you bring the correct kit (white top, dark shorts and indoor shoes in the Winter term). Please make sure any earrings can be removed or are not worn on PE days. I recommend children bring their P.E kits to school on Monday, leave it at school and take it home Friday to be washed.


School uniform

We pride ourselves on the appearance of our children. Please help us to maintain this by ensuring all children attend in the correct uniform, including school shoes. 

Here are the 200 High Frequency words for Year Two, children must be able to read spell all 200 words by the end of the year. See if you can read and spell them all 200 words!