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Our French Intent


Our French curriculum aims to give children an awareness of other cultures and have the confidence and resilience to communicate in French for practical purposes, using both written and oral French. We aim to give pupils a foundation for language learning that encourages and enables them to apply their knowledge and skills - knowledge, skills and vocabulary that are built on from prior learning and repeated with increasing complexity. 

Y3-French-Shapes and colours in French

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The children have been asking each other what colour shape they are holding up, and their partner has been giving their response in French (“It is a....”).


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Y3-Colours in French

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The children enjoyed playing a game of ‘splat’, where the colours were Called out in French, and the children had to point to the correct one.

Year 4- Portraits- describing in French

In Year 4, we have learned how describe a person's height, personality, eye colour and hair colour. 

Year 6 - French Sport and the Olympics

French Monster Pets

The children developed their knowledge and vocabulary by exploring the topic of French monster pets. The identified cognates (French words that sound the same or similar in English) in a piece of French text and then explored nouns by looking at their gender and number. They then created their own French monster pets and used their learning to describe them.

Take a look at the amazing learning that took place...

Y3-Finger puppets, and French rhymes.

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Y3-French greetings

French greetings. Y3 have created finger puppets, and performed finger rhymes in French.

Y3-French greetings.

The children were having conversations about each other’s feelings. Y3 have been asking each other how they were, and using the emoji cards to support their responses.

Visiting  a Town in France


During this unit Year 6 were able to describe their route to school, give directions to places in a town, travelling to France through role play, give opinions, identify grammatical features and even make their own passport!

Planning a French Holiday


Year 6 were able to plan their French holiday including using the future tense, describe what will be in their suitcase, read a simple story and plan a holiday to France!

In My French House


Children were able to understand the different elements of a house and family as well as describing rooms and where they live...

French Football Champions


During this unit, Year 6 were able to pronounce new vocabulary, construct sentences and make football player profiles!

French Sport and the Olympics


Year 6 learned about French Sport and the Olympics; they accurately pronounced the name of a sport and were able to construct simple sentences regarding a sport.

Shopping in France

The children used their counting skills to practice French money and then named fruit in French. They used these skills to ask the price of items at a French fruit market. Then, by exploring a traditional French text, they were able to identify cognates and near-cognates in a recipe.

Languages Trip to McAuley

The children in year 5 really enjoyed a trip to McAuley to take part in a Languages day run by staff at the school. The children began the day with a continental breakfast and received a bag of with their very own learning passport as well as a pencil and ruler to help them with their learning.

They took part in French and Spanish lessons and finished the day off with other schools in a quiz to show off all their learning.

Take a look at our amazing day!

Space Exploration in French

Year 5 identified planetary objects in our solar system in small groups and the explored the solar system further by watching a video from the European Space Agency in French and matched the French pronunciations to the English words. The children then compared the planets to each other and created a 'Galaxy Guide' using the vocabulary they had learnt.

Year 4 - French and the Eurovision Song Contest

In Year 4 this half term, the children have been learning about the topic French and the Eurovision Song Contest. The children have explored how to say different musical instruments. In French this week, the children have been learning how to ask each other what music genres they like. The children were also able to say whether they disliked a certain genre. Once the children had learnt the different phrases, the children went around the class and asked each other 'Quel genre de musique aimes-tu?' and filled a survey in, so that we could see how many people liked jazz music, how many people liked pop music, how many people liked classical music, how many people liked folk music and how many people liked rock music. The children really enjoyed this. 

Year 4 - French Food

In Year 4, the children are learning about French Food this half term. In today's lesson, the children recapped numbers from 1-30, as well as learning about money and how to say it in French. 

French Food Tasting and Role Play lesson

Je voudrais de croissant

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Je voudrais le fromage

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The children in Year 4 have had a lovely afternoon in French. To finish our French food unit this half term, the children have been finishing their menus and role playing a cafè. The children have had the opportunity to try a few French foods too. The children have really enjoyed this topic and enjoyed the croissants and pain au chocolat! 

Year 5- Spring 1- Shopping Trip

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In French, we have learnt how to read, write and spell foods. 

Year 6 - My French!

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Year 5- French Speaking World

The children in Year 5 have been exploring the world, identifying countries that speak the French language. They have really enjoyed learning more about these countries and can now discuss important landmarks and climates.