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Accessibility Tools and Help in Office 365


Accessibility Tools and Help in Office 365

Office 365 has a number of features built in for all platforms that can really support learning at home. Watch the videos below to see how Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and the Edge browser can all read text to your child, as well as change the size and spacing of the any text. You can also follow along with the reader, change colours and syllable spacing to help.
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Make your writing easier to understand

Learning Tools can read text out loud, split words into syllables, and identify parts of speech. The focus mode and adjustable spacing between lines, letters, and words can help to maintain concentration. Available for OneNote, Word, and Outlook on various devices.


Immersive Reader on Microsoft



How to improve reading skills with Microsoft Learning Tools

Hear from Microsoft Product Manager Mike Tholfsen on how you can improve reading skills with Microsoft Learning Tools such as Immersive Reader. Microsoft Lea...

Check spelling, grammar, and clarity in Microsoft Word

With your Office 365 subscription, Word checks for spelling, grammar, and clarity when you're working in a document. Word autocorrects a lot of mistakes for ...