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Our intention is that children gain a firm understanding of what music is through listening, singing, playing, evaluating, analysing, and composing. We believe that all children are capable of becoming confident, expressive performers. We intend to allow the music curriculum to flow through the entirety of the school. We want to ensure that music is closely intertwined with each class topic to build an immersive learning environment.

Year 2: Lesson 3, learning a traditional song from Ghana

Year 1 - Lesson 2: Pulse and rhythm: You've got a friend

Learning to play rhythms with body percussion to deepen their understanding of pulse and rhythm.

Year 2- Lesson 2: Rhythmic Safari

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Singing Nursery Rhymes in FS2

Children in FS2 love singing, especially nursery rhymes. They learn new words, develop non-verbal communication skills, 

early maths skills along with learning different beats and rhythms.

Year 2 West African Call and Response Song 

Lesson 2: Rhythmic Safari 

In this lesson children used a range of percussion instruments to copy a rhythm. 

We loved pretending we were on safari! 

Y3-Music-Lesson 3

In Music, Y3 have watched a short story clip, which they used to participate in the activity. The children planned a musical structure inspired by this short story (Soar, by Alice Tzure). They discussed feelings emotions, and actions. The children then explored writing sentences to accompany a storyline. The children then read and ordered these sentences using the story mountain.

Y3-Music-Lesson 2

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Y3s final performance of Twinkle little star, and Space oddity. Y3 also performed a whole class presentation.

Music- Composition Notation- Egyptians

The children have really enjoyed the first lesson of their new music topic- Composition Notation.

They took part in warm up activities, pretending to dig the foundations of the pyramids and lifting the stones to build them. They then practised vocal warm-ups before listening to and singing the song, 'Gift of the Nile'.

Music Lesson 1: Pulse and rhythm: My favourite things

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In this lesson the children played multiple voice control games exploring pulse and rhythm.

Year 1: The Name Game

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Year 2 West African Call and Response Song 

Lesson 1: Going on safari. 

Year 2 enjoyed using a range of percussion instruments to create short sequences of sound. 

Year 2 Music- West African Call and Response Song

Year 5- Livin' On A Prayer

The children were eager to perform their rendition of the famous Bon Jovi track Livin' On A Prayer. They were enjoying themselves so much that they were even caught dancing along!

Y3-R and B soul music

Year 5- Livin' On A Prayer

The children in year 5 enjoyed using movement and clapping to identify the beat and rhythm of the music.

Live music at Holy Family!

The whole school had a lovely visit from the Music Hub! We listened to live instruments being played and we even had the opportunity to ask lots of questions. It was great fun and we even had the opportunity to dance to some of our favourite songs!

Year 2- Friendship Song

Year 3 - Bringing Us Together

Year 4- 'Lean on me'

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The children in year 5 have enjoyed learning the iconic theme tune to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. They have played dancing games to identify the beat and rhythm of the song and played along on the glockenspiels using the notes A and D. Take a look at children in action.

Reception children using musical instruments in RE

Reception childrfen learnt the song, 'We Gather Together' They took musical instruments outside and used them to accomany the song. 

What a fantastic, enjoyable and amazing experience the children in our choir from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 had at Young Voices at Sheffield Arena. Not forgetting the teachers and parents too! From the rehearsals to the performance, everyone was enthusiastic and joined in with songs, dances and routines. It was a truely inspiring event!

The Choir preparing a banner for Young Voices 2023

Y3 - Three Little Birds

Year 1- In the Groove- Spring 1

Year 1 have enjoyed listening to music, following the beats by acting out different actions and clapping to the beats. We have also explored different pitches to our voices, singing high pitch and low pitch whilst following along to the music. 

Year 1- In the Groove

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Music in Year One

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Year 4 rehearsing one of their Jubilee songs!

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Years 5 and 6 rehearsing one of their Jubilee songs!

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And another from Years 5 and 6...

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Young Voices 2022

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Our school choir had a wonderful time at Young Voices 2022. This took place at Sheffield Arena where the children sang and danced with lots of other primary schools, showcasing everything they had been learning in their Choir after school club. Well done everyone!

Year 5- Dancing in the Street

Calling out around the world- are you ready for a brand new beat?

Year 5 certainly are! 

The class enjoyed listening to a range of Motown hits and discussed the songs before picking their favourite. We then explored the history of Dancing in the Street and played games to find the beat before learning the first verse and bridge. We can't wait to perform the song later in the term.

Year 4 - Blackbird

Year 4 have started to learn their new song on Charanga which is Blackbird by The Beatles. We listened to the song, found out some interesting facts and then played some pulse and rhythm games. The children then started to learn the song verse by verse and the chorus. The children did really well learning this song so quickly!

Year 5 loved playing glockenspiels!

Year 5 have really enjoyed finding the pulse in a piece of music and then playing glockenspiels to the pulse. 

Year Two- I wanna play in a band

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This term our Charanga song is called 'I wanna play in a band'. We have loved all the warm up exercises, learning the song and experiencing playing a recorder. We have had so much fun! Enjoy our performance!

Our very own Miss Moody (Year 4 Teacher) playing the flute during our whole school assembly.

Year Two- My hands, My feet, My heart

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