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Welcome to FS1!


Class Teacher: Miss Berry

Teaching Assistants: Miss Channing, Miss Mclaughlin



 A very warm welcome to all FS1 children and parents. I know this can be a nerve-wracking time for both you and your children, but rest assured they are in expert hands.


Every term will be taken at the pace each child requires and personalised support provided if required, this could take the form of 1:1 time reading a book together, or introducing small group activities to allow children to begin to develop their social skills. This will ensure each child feels comfortable within their environment.


Here at Holy Family, we operate an open door policy, Nursery door is always open and if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child, their development, their education or how you can support their learning journey at home, please do not hesitate to speak with any member of the unit.



Just a few reminders as we head into the new school year:

  • The morning session starts at 8.45 and finishes at 11.45. The afternoon session is 12.25 till 3.25.
  • Please ensure your child brings a coat as we head into the cooler months, on wet days please also bring wellies for your child.
  • Make sure that your child comes to school in correct uniform, including ties and suitable footwear.
  • Please remember to label all your child's clothes.
  • Please provide your child with a water bottle - do not place these in their book bag, we have had books ruined because water bottles have leaked.


We are looking forward to the year ahead with all of you!



Welcome Back Prayer

Prayer Bear


I am Prayer Bear.

I am looking forward to coming for a sleepover at your house to help you learn your prayers. I will stay for the weekend so we can have lots of fun together. I like playing with lots of different toys and listening to stories. Don't forget to feed me and put me to bed so I can have a sleep! (Remember, I sleep in my bag to keep me safe!)

If you take some pictures, draw or write about our adventures you can share them with your teachers and friends at school. Please take good care of me and return me to school on Monday so I can continue to learn alongside you.


I am looking forward to seeing you all.

Prayer Bear

Archived 2022-2023

Science Day in EYFS

Still image for this video
We enjoyed exploring different science experiments in Early Years. Our favourite two experiments were 'Magic Milk' and we created a 'Bubble Machine!' Isn't Science fascinating!

Nursery children are using a range of different media to create fabulous art work to be displayed in our reading room. They chose 'What the Lady Bird Heard' as there reading for pleasure book linked to World Book Day 2023.

Anti Bullying

Children in Nursery talked about what bullying is and why we don't do it. We watched a short video about a little boy being bullied at school and we talked about the video. The children were given the opportunity to comment on what they had watched. Then as a group, they designed their own own Reach Out poster.

Black History

FS1 children read the story all about Harriet Tubman. They discussed emotions and sequenced her life events.




Autumn 2 - Walk through Winter Woodland

Welcome to Nursery and our new topic, Walk through Winter Woodland. Lots of purposeful provision to explore and activities to be made but most of all, lots of fun learning! We can not wait to start our Autumn 2 journey. 

Baptism in Nursery

In RE, Nursery children learnt all about Baptism. They collected a white robe, candle, Bible and water. Children reinacted this sepcial time.

RSE - Handmade with Love

Nursery children learnt all about God's Creation. They used a range of materials to represent each day, perfected fine lotor skills, used full sentences to explain the different creations and used colours for purpose.

RE - Welcome

Nursery worked together using a range of different materials to create a welcome sign for part of their RE topic, Welcome.

Month of Mary

Nursery children gathered in the main reception area to say the Hail Mary prayer.

We explored the virtue of "Thankfulness" by gathering in a circle and the 2 of the children laid out the green cloth, while another turned the lights off.

We read the word of Luke 17:11-19 - Jesus Heals Ten Men With Leprosy. The children took away from this that” its kind to help people” and “when someone helps you, you should say thank you”

The children responded to this scripture by ringing the bells for something they are thankful for. "I am thankful for my sister”.

Prayer Liturgy in FS1

Come See Our Classroom - Autumn Animal Antics

We have had a fantastic first week in FS1, the children have been amazing and enjoyed exploring all areas of the classroom, shared areas and outside.