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At Holy Family, we value Art and Design as an integral part of our children’s right to a broad and balanced curriculum. The teaching of Art and Design is developed to build on children’s prior learning and provide opportunities to be creative through curricular and cross-curricular topics. Children are enabled to develop and extend their creative skills with the opportunity for self-expression and a chance to build their resilience, confidence and critical thinking skills through working independently and collaboratively with others. Children are introduced to a variety of artists both local and in the wider community to enhance their cultural capital and know about life beyond Stainforth- this enables the children to reflect on their own history and heritage while understanding the richness of societies world-wide.  At Holy Family, the intent of our Art and Design curriculum is to encourage the children to be artists and create, craft and design their own creations.


Year 1: Easter Cards: Printing with Everyday Objects

Year 1 enjoyed using everyday objects to print. They created some beautiful Easter Cards to share with family and friends.

Year 1: Mother's Day Cards

Year 1 used handmade paper to paint beautiful flowers for their mums.

Y2 Mother's Day Cards: Glue Batik

The children in Year 2 enjoyed creating their Mother's day cards and learning the new skill of Glue Batik creating a repeating pattern of flowers. 

Y3-Mother’s day cards

In year 3 we have been using printing skills to create flowers and using paint for our background.

Year 1: Sculpture: Giant Spider

In this lesson, the class worked together to recreate Louise Bourgeois' 'Maman' spider sculpture (1999). The children created the legs and body of the spider. They used sponges and brushes for painting large areas to decorate the class sculpture.

Year 2: Peer Critique: Painting and mixed media: Life in Colour

Year 6 - Painting and Mixed Media

Year 6 analysed a famous painting, explored how artists can tell a story through art and then creating their own artwork that told a story - children chose the media they preferred to use.

Y3-3D sculpture: abstract shape and space

The children have been getting better at evaluating and improving an artwork, compare two sculptor’s work. The children have been choosing how to add texture and colour to the surfaces of their sculpture.

Y3-3D sculpture: abstract shape and space

The children have been applying knowledge of sculpture when working in 3D, by following their sketchbook plan. The children have been making choices about how to join materials, and adapt their ideas if things do not go to plan.

Y3-3D sculpture and space

In Year 3, the children ah e been developing their ideas for 3D art work. They have been looking at positive and negative space by identifying shapes and background space, and have been working in partners to use drawings to plan a sculpture.

Y3-3D sculpture and shape

In Y3, the children have been joining materials in different ways when working in 3D. The children have planned and created abstract models as a small group, and developed problem solving skills with larger scale models.

Year 1: Sculpture: Tree of Life

The children used the paper techniques from the previous lessons to create their own Tree of Life.

Year 2 Painting and mixed media: life in colour

In this lesson the children in Year 2 were using paint to explore texture and pattern, they used a range of materials to create different textures and enhanced their designs using paint. 

Year 4 - Mixed media painting: light and dark

Year 4 used the knowledge they had gained last lesson in tinting and shading, to paint an object. The children used tint and shade to create a three dimensional appearance.

Year 2: Painting and mixed media

Today the children were getting better at knowing how texture can be created with paint. The children enjoyed experimenting with different textures and using their newly acquired knowledge of primary and secondary colours. 

Y3-Sculptures and 3D shapes

In Y3 we have been looking at experimenting with cardboard to create 3D shapes from 2D shapes. Y3 enjoyed cutting the cardboard out to create sculptures and different structures. Y3 have used glue sticks to aid them with rolling the cardboard, folding to create zigzags, and cutting slits into the card to figure the best methods of attaching the pieces together. This helped to stabilise their sculpture, into a three dimensional shape, without using glue.

Year 1 - Christmas Card Skill

For our Christmas cards, year 1 explored the skill of weaving. We used sliver and white paper and added a flame to make a beautiful candle. We hope all our grownups loved them as much as we do.

Artwork in Nursery takes many forms. To get us ready for drawing we do large arm movements which help build our muscles so we can over time control smaller equipment much more easily. We use lots of different media - water, felt tips, crayons, chalk and paint. We create collages and pictures using a variety of resources. Art is fun. It is linked to our topics and helps us develop both gross and fine motor control.

FS2 Art - Marvellous Marks

Children made marks with wax crayons and explored textures in the classroom environment using wax rubbings. They also used felt tips to develop fine motor skills whilst making patterns. Children then made marks in our outdoor provision using chalk.

Our Amazing Art Gallery at Holy Family

To celebrate the end of our Art and Design topics, each class prepared an exhibit of their work to show at an art gallery opening. The children enjoyed taking part in their learning journeys exploring artists, developing new skills and creating final pieces that were shown to parents and carers at our very own art gallery at Holy Family. 

Take a look at our special event...


Each class has their own stall...

Parents and carers were invited to see the exhibit...

Year 4 worked collaboratively to plan a Roman shield design. They then worked together to print their design using different printing techniques. 

Year 4- Drawing power prints

Year 4 have created their own compositions. The children have used wax resist to create shading using pattern and contrast. 

Year 5- Drawing

The children in year 5 had a wonderful time creating their final pieces of art using all the skills they have learnt throughout their topic- I Need Space. The artwork will take pride of place on our stall at our upcoming art gallery.

Year 2- Drawing: Tell a Story (Final Piece)

Year 2 Drawing: Tell a Story (Final Piece) 

Year 2 have created some fantastic masterpieces. They created their own concertina story book and created the two main characters in the story, linking to our literacy journey. 

They all really focused on outlines, tone and choice of material to finish and then discussed their final pieces together. 

Year 6- Drawing

Year 6 have really enjoyed their art topic; Drawing - Making my Voice Heard. In this unit children exploring different drawing techniques, looked at how symbolism can be conveyed in art, the technique of Chiaroscuro and applied this to our topic and their own design..

Year 2- Drawing: Tell a Story

Art- Drawing: Tell a Story 

Year 2 have immersed themselves in our first art unit. They have experimented with tone and texture to create their own concertina story book, retelling the story of 'The Pea and the Princess'. The children enjoyed using real life props to add inspiration to their own masterpieces. 

In Y3 we have been exploring and recreating prehistoric art and mixing media.

Year 5- Drawing

The children in year 5 have created their own collograph prints and used these to print backgrounds ready to create their final pieces of art.

Y3 prehistoric painting

In Y3- Children have been creating their own paint pallets, mixing flour and spices, flower and mud. Children have created earthy tones to resemble a prehistoric setting. They used differed textures and tones such as sand and rice, to create their own rock background.

Year 6- Drawing

Year 6 children really enjoyed their Art lesson on Chiaroscuro; adding dark and light tones to create 3D form...

Archive Academic Year 2022/2023

Let's Celebrate

To celebrate the wonderful work that the children have created this year, we have displayed their artwork along our corridors for all to see.

Year 2- CAFOD RE, Art

Year 2 CAFOD RE 


In Year 2 we enjoyed exploring our CAFOD topic- Treasures. We used a range of materials to express what treasures we have and how we are God's treasure and how we look after Earth. 

Year 6 - Sculpture


Year 6 studied the famous artist, Mary E Rodgers. Children looked at her various designs for sculptures around the world. Inspired by these, children designed their own and transferred these onto clay by making clay pots....

Year 6 - Painting


Year 6 researched the famous artist Henry Moore and even visited Doncaster Museum to see the artwork the children would be replicating! Children combined drawing and painting into mixed media artwork focusing on Henry Moore's war art....

Year 6 Drawing


Year 6 improving their drawing skills and created a design relating to our Ancient Egypt topic; the children then transferred their design onto clay...

Year Two Art

EYFS - Sky Arts Week - Identity - 2D and 3D Mark Making

Children in EYFS explored 2D and 3D mark making. They took inspiration from videos and pictures to complete their 'Identity' challenge.

Year 1-Sky Arts Week- Exploring Dance and Movement

Still image for this video

The children explored dance through making shapes. They made circles with their bodies and squares with their arms to the rhythm of the music and created a dance!

Sky Arts Year Two 

Year Two enjoyed taking part in celebrating Sky Arts by focusing on 'Movement'. The children explored identity, culture and different emotions. They created different moves and followed instructions, creating fabulous expressive dances! Well done Year Two. 

Art Club- Summer Term

Take a look at some of the amazing work the children in art club have been creating using paper to construct 3D sunflowers.

Year 1- Observational Drawings- L.S Lowry

Year 1 have explored the artist L.S Lowry, we researched the artist to find out information and facts about himself and his famous artwork. We then explored and experimented with different materials such as graphite, chalk, coloured pencils and oil pastels. We then went outside in the sunshine and sat across from the school. We discussed the building and structure of the school and then began drawing what we could see! Paying close attention to detail and size. 

Year 1- Holy Spirit creations for the RE Display!

Year 1- Holy Spirit creations

Year 1- Holy Spirit creations

Year 1 worked really hard to create their own representations of the Holy Spirit. We used water colours to mix and create a fire look by blending the colours together. We used the colours, red, yellow and orange to blend together to create 'fire' and added an image of a Dove in the centre to show the Holy Spirit. 

Art Club- Spring Term

The children in art club experimenting with clay to create their own portrait in the style of the artist Paul Klee.

Painting our creations using a range of natural colours made by colour mixing.

Year 3 - Artist Visit

Year 6 - Collage Easter Cards

Still image for this video

Year 5 Easter Cards

The children in year 5 used collage to create beautiful Easter cards inspired by the special time of year. 

FS2 Easter Cards

FS2 children enjoyed handling and manipulating chalk. They made marks and rubbed the chalk to make repeating patterns when making their Easter Cards.

Year 1- Easter cards- Collage

Year 1 have used the skill of collage to create beautiful Easter cards. 

Week 4 of Art Club- Let's Get Creative!

Week 4- Let’s Get Creative!

For the last week of art club, the children used a mixture of pattern and colour blending to create ‘Zentangle’ leaves. This activity can help children develop their creativity and can have a positive impact on their wellbeing.

Week 3 of Art Club- Mark-making

Week 3- Mark-making

The children explored alternative mark-making to compose ‘crazy hair’ portraits using paint blowing. The children chose to use their photo in black and white to contrast with the bright colours of their hair.

Week 2 of Art Club- Weaving

Week 2- Weaving

The children enjoyed learning how to weave, making decorative bowls from wool. Take a look at their fantastic creations!

Week 1 of Art Club- Colour

Week 1- Colour

The children in art club enjoyed exploring primary and secondary colours creating amazing colour wheel ‘eyes’ that show off their colour mixing skills.

World Book Day 2023

The children throughout school have been creating wonderful pieces of artwork representing their favourite books, characters and authors to show their love of reading on World Book Day.

Take a look at their amazing work!

Art and Design- Painting

The children explored painting this half term by taking part in a study of the artist William Turner, where they learnt all about his life and works. They then practiced using tint and tone to create different depths of colour which they could then apply to their final pieces. Take a look below at the beautiful artwork the children created.

Artists in Year Two- Spring Term... 'To design a maquette which represents Planet Earth!'

Still image for this video
Our learning journey in Art during Spring 1.

Artists in Reception

Together we became artists, inspired by Picasso, to create portraits. We looked at all the portraits Picasso had painted, decided on our favourite and used shapes and expressions to create our very own master pieces aswell as remembering all our previously learnt techniques when using paint brushes and paint.

Year 1- Sculpture 'Antony Gormley'