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PE at Holy Family aims to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing in our children now and their future. Physical fitness is a key part of leading a healthier lifestyle and our bespoke curriculum ensures every child has the opportunity to have an outstanding experience in PE. Our curriculum teaches self-discipline and that to be successful in life you must work hard, show resilience and have the determination to believe that anything can be achieved. We want to teach children how to independently cooperate and collaborate with others, as part of a team and as a leader, understanding fairness and competitiveness of play to embed life-long values. We ensure children reflect on their own, and others’, performance and use clear communication within PE lessons. Children are taught the importance exercise has on their physical and mental health which motivates them to exercise beyond their Primary years.

School Games Mark Gold during 2021-2022 for the school's efforts in engaging children in Physical Education during Covid

In Dance, Y3 have been remembering, repeating, and creating actions to show a theme (Winter wonderland).

Y2 Scotty's Heroes: This weeks focus was balance, movement and control, holding different positions.

Year 1 Gymnastics

In year 1, we are balancing and holding. 

In PE Y3 have been working on balance and coordination. They have enjoyed creating balances that require strength and balance as well as creativity.

Nursery were balancing an object on their body. It then got trickier as they balanced on one leg!

Year 5- Scotty's Heroes

Year 5 have been developing their teamwork tactics during a fun game of handball.

Year 2- Scotty's Heroes: 'Today we are getting better at developing teamwork skills in a ball game setting'

In PE and Scotties Hero’s this week, Y3 have been developing their hand ball skills and communication skills. Y3 started today’s session off with a warm and relay races.

Year 1 - Dance

We are creating our own dance actions, pathways and counts. 

In Y3’s second dance lesson they have been getting better at creating actions to move in contact with a partner. They have been practicing their ‘machine’ like movements to demonstrate unison.

Year 6 - Fitness

This week, Year 6 focused on developing speed and stamina through interval training and core exercises

Year 4 have tested out their speed, strength, agility and balance through different activities. The children have shown:

  • Speed through sprinting on the spot with high knees.
  • Strength through controlled squats.
  • Agility through sitting on the floor and standing up as quickly as possible.
  • Balance through standing on their tip toes.

The children have applied these different skills in shuttle runs, stork stands, chest throws and beanbag flicks.

Year 2

Year 2 Scotty's Heroes 

In this lesson Year 2 are focusing on developing team work and communication skills. The children are working on listening well to one another and striving for a team win!

In this lesson Year 1 are developing being active and participating in group/team work.


In PE Y3 have been using their warm activities to get ready for their lesson. They have practiced team work, through a game of handball.

Year 6 - Fitness Unit


Year 6 developed an awareness of what their body was able to do through various strenuous exercises including long distance running and even press ups! 

Year 5- Dance

The children enjoyed creating a dance using a random structure and performing the actions showing quality and control. It was wonderful seeing everyone's performances and sharing our work.

Reception - PE - Ball Skills

Children in Reception enjoyed rolling tennis balls with control.

Today in PE, year 3 have been creating actions in response to a stimulus and move in unison with a partner.

Nursery used a tennis ball today, rolling it towards a target.

Nursery used equipment safely and responsibly today passing a beanbag around different parts of their body.

Nursery PE

Nursery practised moving in and out of the spaces safely. They followed instructions to move in different ways as they played the game 'Traffic Lights'.

Nursery PE

Nursery practised staying in a space in their first PE lesson.

Year 5- Game On!

The children were eager to take part in a small sided game of hockey to celebrate the end of their PE topic and show off what they have learnt. It was wonderful to see their competitive sides come out and the amazing team work they displayed.

Year 4 - Basketball

In Year 4, we have used the skills and knowledge taught and applied this to a competitive game of basketball. 

Year 4 -Basketball

Year 4 have developed an attacking skill- shooting. 

Year 4 have developed skills in protecting the ball when dribbling against an opponent and they have 

developed passing skills so that they keep possession of the ball. 

Year 4- Basketball

Year 4 have developed attacking skills through dribbling a basket ball. 

Year 1

In year 1, we are exploring throwing with accuracy towards a target.

In PE, children in Y3 have been summarising their topic of football, where they have continued to embed learnt skills. Y3 enjoyed finishing their lesson with a cool down game, to practice their coordination, through throwing and catching.

In year 1, we have been working on co-ordination and balance.

Y3 PE- The children have been getting better at balance, coordination, patterns, and developing their floor work

Year 5- Scotty's Heroes

The children took part in activities that built their resilience and developed their team building skills. They enjoyed taking part in tasks that tested their fitness and working together to complete a challenge.


'It was hard but I kept going.'

'I really liked it because it was all about endurance and determination and we all succeeded in the end.'

'It was fun working as a team.'

Pupil voice

Year 1 - To explore tracking a ball that is coming towards me.

In Y3, we have been applying our newly learnt skills, in a football match. 

In year 1, we have been working on following instructions and teamwork.

In year 1, we are exploring kicking with accuracy towards a target.

During this week's PE lesson, Year 6 used a variety of attacking skills to beat a defender and applied this into a game situation...

Y3-PE. Y3 have been developing their fitness with a cardiovascular focus, and listening to instructions. 


Y3-PE. We have been using their defending skills to delay an opponent and gain possession of the ball.

In this Year 1 PE session, we have been getting better at controlling and dribbling a football.

In Year 1 PE, we have been working on following instructions, teamwork and basic physical floor movements and patterns.

Year 2- Invasion Games (Lesson 4)

Y3-PE This week Y3 have been working on getting better at basic team skills and relay skills, with Scotties Heroes

Year 5- Let's Play!

The children in year 5 enjoyed their PE session this week, learning how to receive a ball under control. They were developing their teambuilding skills whilst playing hockey, passing the ball to their partner and their partner stopping the ball.

During this week's PE lesson, Year 6 children concentrated on the art of being a defensive unit in order to stop an attack from scoring...

In Y3, Children have been getting better at applying attacking skills to move forwards towards the goal.


Y3 PE-Y3 were working on team skills and developing ball skills, team skills, and defending skills.

Year 5- Controlling the ball

The children in year 5 were learning how to control and move the ball when using a hockey stick.

Year 6 are being put through their paces in Scotty's Heroes - Scott worked the children on their cardiovascular fitness and teamwork...

Year 6 - Tag Rugby

Year 6 children learned how to select the appropriate skill, when to run and when to pass 

Catholic Cup 2023

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed sports day this year! They were extremely competitive but supportive of each other and cheered each other on all the way. I am extremely proud of the resilience they showed throughout the races. They also really enjoyed the inflatable, having fun and a laugh!

Year 4 have taken part in Sports Day 2023! They showed great sportsmanship throughout the afternoon, particularly when blue team won. The children also enjoyed playing on an inflatable assault course. 

Year Two Sports Day 2023 

Year Two thoroughly enjoyed Sports Day! I am so proud of each of them displaying fantastic effort and cheering one another on! Well done Team Year Two! 

We also enjoyed our Scotty's Heroes inflatable session...thank you to Year Two for challenging Miss Dyson on that! 

Well done 

Sky Arts in Year Two 

Year Two enjoyed taking part in celebrating Sky Arts by focusing on 'Movement'. The children explored identity, culture and different emotions. They created different moves and followed instructions, creating fabulous expressive dances! Well done Year Two. It was lovely to see the children making links between PE and Sky Arts- Movement. 

Holy Family Achieve Gold

Active Fusion- Sports Session

The children have been taking part in sports sessions with staff from Active Fusion developing their team building, leadership and communication skills. Working in groups, they have been discussing how to work well as a team and how to encourage others to build their resilience when taking part in sports activities. Then, taking to the playground, the children were able to demonstrate their learning by taking part in activities led by members of the class.

Y3 - Scotties Heroes

Dodgeball Competition

Year 4 - Royal Opera House Ballet Workshop

Year 4 took part in a workshop from the ‘shaping Stainforth project. Ballerinas from the Royal Opera House taught the children a ballet routine where children built a ‘snowflake’ through movement.

FS2 Fundamental Moving Skills

FS2 children have enjoyed learnng fundamental moving skills. They have moved in different directions and at different speeds.

Year 1 have been learning lots of skills during their striking and fielding lessons in PE. They have learnt how to throw a ball under arm and over arm and how to catch a ball. They have then used those skills to become strikers, bowlers and fielders in a game. 

Year 1- Striking and Fielding

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Throwing and catching a ball!

Y3 - Fitness

Football Club 2022-2023

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Year 6 Camp night 2022

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Sports Day 2022

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Year 4 enjoying the Scotty's Heroes Inflatable on sports day!

For Sports Day the children were able to have a go on the inflatable that Scotty's Heroes had brought. They had lots of fun! 

Year 4 - Tennis and Scotty's Heroes

This half term in PE, Year 4  have been learning all the techniques of tennis and how to play tennis. Before the children play tennis they participate in a warm up. The children have also been taking part in Scotty's Heroes.

Y3 - Scotties Heroes

Reception children enjoying an intra school competition to raise money for The Good Shepherd.

FS1 children loved taking part in our intra-school sports day. We had so much fun practising our different fine and gross motor skills.

English Institute of Sport Come and Try Festival

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Y5/6 were presented with a great opportunity to visit the EIS to try sports they'd not normally try such as Kinball, Taekwondo, Karate, Cycling, rowing and many more amazing activities.

Y3 Fitness

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Pupils took part in a range of fitness challenges. They learnt about different components of fitness; speed, stamina, strength, coordination, balance and agility. Children were given opportunities to work at their maximum and improve their fitness levels. Y3 needed to persevere when they get tired or when they find a challenge hard and are encouraged to support others to do the same. Pupils were asked to recognise areas for improvement and suggest activities that they could do to do this.

Girls Football Festival

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As a school we have pledged to increase participation in girls football by 2024 and this festival was a step in the right direction as 20 girlsl from across KS2 attended the fun filled morning.

Year Two Scotty's Heroes

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For todays Scotty's Heroes session the children had to use their memory skills to gather information. They had to look at an enemy base that Scotty had made and work as a team to recreate the same base. They had to co-operate and communicate effectively and comprise and discuss their ideas as a team. The children with the green bibs on are the team leaders. Here are Year Two’s final enemy base designs. Did they complete their mission from Scotty successfully?

In Nursery we have been learning all about how to stay healthy! Children have really enjoyed using their gross motor skills to exercise in our "home gym". We have been practicing press ups, skipping, yoga, hula hooping and weight lifting.

Reception children enjoyed climbing 'The Trunk Trail' They used their whole body to become increasingly confident, agile and flexible. A great activity to develop gross motor skills.

Year 2 P.E- Parachute games

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As a reward for improved attendance, Year 2 had an exciting P.E lesson with the parachute. We warmed up our bodies and muscles first by playing banana tig. Then we played our first game with the parachute where the aim of the game was to stop the ball from going through the hole in the parachute. After that we made a multi-coloured dome by pulling the parachute over our heads and sitting on it. In our next game we had swap places with someone in the circle who had the same birthday month and then the first initial in their names. Our final game was cat and mouse. The cat had to crawl on top of the parachute to find the mouse who was crawling underneath the parachute. We had so much fun!

Y3 Football

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Pupils were encouraged to persevere when developing competencies in key skills and principles such as defending, attacking, sending, receiving and dribbling a ball. They started by playing uneven and then move onto even sided games. They learnt to work one on one and cooperatively within a team, showing respect for their teammates, opposition and referee. Pupils were given opportunities to select and apply tactics to outwit the opposition.

Children in Reception enjoying learning new skills.

Year 1- Pirate PE!

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In Year 1 we enjoyed making links with our Topic- Ahoy There and participating in PE too. WE were able to demonstrate lots of skills and learning during this lesson such a problem solving, exercise and working independently and collaboratively. Such a fun new experience enjoyed by all!

Year Two Fitness

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Year 2 were focusing on different skills during P.E. We practiced our agility skills by running and changing directions. We practiced balancing on one leg. We improved our strength by holding ourselves in the plank position. We used our co-ordination to throw and catch a ball against a wall. We had lots of fun being resilient and working independently and collaboratively as a team.

EFL Cup 2021

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