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Design Technology


At Holy Family, we value Design Technology as an integral part of our children’s right to a broad and balanced curriculum. The teaching of Design Technology is developed to build on children’s prior learning and provide opportunities to be creative through curricular and cross-curricular topics. Children are enabled to develop a creative mind-set, become innovative designers and have the opportunity to critically evaluate their own work so they can develop their resilience, confidence and critical thinking skills through working independently and collaboratively with others. The problem solving and critical thinking skills acquired through design technology lessons can be used across the whole school curriculum and taken into life outside the classroom.

Year 6 - Structure


Year 6 researched different designs that emergency services use for emergency shelters. The children then designed their own and made them using wood, screws, nails, saws and wood glue...

Year 6 - Electrical and Mechanical systems


Year 6 researched what morse code is and what it was used for. They then designed their own morse code electrical system and made this using electrical equipment...

King Charles' Throne

The children in year 5 were incredibly lucky to take part in a national competition to design a new throne for King Charles.

They created their designs which were then submitted. We enjoyed the opportunity to enter so much, that we decided to make our own throne. We think we made a winner!!!

Year 1- King Charles Sculpture

Year 1- King Charles sculpture

Year 1 used a range of materials and skills to create our 3D sculpture of King Charles for his Coronation day. We began with using cardboard boxes and using cellotape to tape the boxes together and in place to create our base structure. We then used modroc to mould around the boxes to create a human 3D structure. We manipulated the modroc by scrunching it together to create textured wavy hair. Once dried, we mixed together paints and painted the sculpture using a photograph as inspiration to represent King Charles. 

FS2 Sculpture - King Charles III Coronation

FS2 used a variety of materials to create an Orb for our King Charles Coronation celebrations.

Chicken wire was used to make the outline, modroc was applied and then smoothed to finish. Children then used a sponge to paint the Orb as well as using a small paint brush for the finer details. Children then researched the jewels that were used using iPads and very carefully, using fine motor skills, applied them in the correct position.


What a fantastic piece of work, fit for a King! 

Design Technology in Year Two

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Brief...explore, research, design and create a windmill.

Year 5- Pneumatics

The children have explored pneumatics and how they work, ready to create a volcanic monster of their own. They had a 'roarsome' time!

Our Volcanic Monsters

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Being Imaginative and Expressive in FS2

Children were provided with opportunities to work together t develop and create ideas. They discussed what they could make and in maths, they made a pictogram to decide on the colours to use. Children were given a range of materials for them to construct with. They also applied their joining techniques using different adhesive tape and sorts of glue. 




Year 1 was given the design brief to make a car port for Fred's car. They analysed different materials and experimented to see which ones were suitable and which ones were not. They then designed their own car port and labelled what resources they was going to use. The children then created their own 3D sculptures of a car port using different materials and resources to put them altogether. 

Our 3D car ports!

Receptions very own Jubilee Crown

Using different media in Reception.

Reception children have been experimenting (and getting messy) with modroc. They shaped and moulded newspaper in the shape of a crown and cut and wet modroc before applying it. Next job, painting and applying jewels!

Sculpture in Year One

Year One used clay to create models of a mode of transport of their choice. We practised using tools to add detail and texture to our sculptures.

Year 4 - Union Jack for the Jubilee!

In Year 4, the children have started creating our Union Jack for the Jubilee celebrations we are having in school. The children are making a Union Jack but on a grand scale! The children have started our Union Jack by painting it using the red, white and blue colours. The children have started to finish our flag by sewing some felt onto it. The children will also be cutting pieces of felt and gluing them on so that our Union Jack is mixed media. The children did a fantastic job today and were very proud of not only creating their Union Jack but also leaving a Union Jack printed on the tables! 


The finished product:

Year 6's Design Technology project was to make a 3D form of the Queen! You can see the children's process of using a variety of materials in the slideshow; the final design to follow shortly...

Reception children tasting hot cross buns to remind us of the sacrifice Jesus made.

After School Sewing Club

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What a brilliant after school club allowing children to be creative, learn a new skill, improve their hand eye coordination and develop fine motor skills whilst having fun and making something they can be proud of!

Year 4 Roman Banners

Year 4 created Roman banners by using cotton material, felt and paints. They sewed their design onto their painted material after researching all about Roman banners.

Year 3 Stone Age Houses

Year 3 researched Stone Age houses during their topic. They looked at how to insulate the house and keep it warm, the shape of the houses and what materials were best to use.

During enterprise week, Reception children practised their hand-eye coordination by sewing stockings. They used basic running stitch which helps to develop their fine motor skills. They demonstrated patience as they learnt this new skill.

Year 4 have created a Roman banner for their armies by painting and sewing material together.

EYFS have been busy designing, building and evaluating their Three Little pig house.