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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 


Class Teacher: Miss Argent

Teaching Assistants: Miss Brown

A warm welcome to Year 1 children and their grownups. I am beyond thrilled to be the Year 1 teacher this year. I really enjoyed getting to know many of you on our transition morning, and I cannot wait to see all your smiling faces eager to learn. I hope this new year is full of exciting stories, cool new facts, and so much fun! 


Welcome to the Year 1 class page!

Hold my hand, God,

lead the way. 

Help me be good every day.

Let me know what's wrong and right,

keep me safe day and night.

Let me know what you have planned,

lead the way God, hold my hand.




Colour Mixing

Children were colour detectives and found out what other colours they can make using the three primary colours.

Celebration of the Word

The children enjoyed reflecting in our Celebration of the Word this afternoon. We looked at the virtue and how we can show love and kindness at school and at home. The child's mission for over the weekend is to care and love for our world by litter picking.

Tower Bridge Cat Narrative: Immerse

Children listened to the new story ‘The Tower Bridge Cat’. The children developed their spoken language and group work skills to build their own version of the Tower Bridge. Children had to discuss and negotiate with their group, giving reasons to explain their ideas.

All the children really enjoyed learning the frisbee techniques and playing the games.

Year one loved French Day. We explored French greetings and learnt about different landmarks. We drew and wrote about our favourite landmark. We even tried some French sweet treats.

Celebration of the Word

Year 1 shared a lovely celebration of the word this week. First, we gathered quietly into a circle, made the sign of the cross on our foreheads and saying our afternoon prayer. We began by reading our word: “Dear Children, let us not love with words or speech but with action and in truth”. We reflected on these words and discussed what they meant. Lucy made a great inference by saying we need to not just say something; we need to prove it like in Maths. We talked about things we could do to show love and everyone had some great ideas. We then discussed sharing love by sharing a special meal. We chatted about how we shared special meals over the Easter holidays and why the meal was specials. Finally, our mission is to remember to thank God for our day and say sorry for a time we have not lived out his message. We reflected back to our word and agreed that the next day we would take action to prove this.

We completed the Jobs for Everyone!

Jobs for Everyone - Meet the Physiotherapists

Fractions: Turns

Turtle is going to see Anansi for dinner. The children described the route that Turtle takes using the star words. Children challenged themselves by finding multiple routes for the turtle.

Year 1 loved exploring the equipment and developing their upper body strength and control.

Picture News Assembly

Jobs for Everyone Programme: What is a Diagnostic Radiographer?

RE: Meals

Still image for this video

Children had time to reflect on the words of ‘Our Father’ and they said the ‘Our Father’ as a class.

Happy World Book Day!

Mother's Day Cards

Year 1 used handmade paper to paint beautiful flowers.

The children used the paper techniques from the previous lessons to create their own Tree of Life.

iData: iPresent

In this lesson, we conducted a class survey about our favourite fruits. We made a class tally chart and used this to make a digital pictogram.

In this lesson, the children created pictograms with sweets. They then created this pictogram using the digital graph tool. We discussed and interpreted the data presented.

National Storytelling Week event with Swapna Haddow!

Year 1 joined a very interesting author event. We met Swapna Haddow, a multi award-winning children’s author. Swapna loves to write about boisterous animals that cause mayhem and has written the Bad Panda and Ballet Bunnies series

Maths: Direction and Turns

The children investigate whole, half and quarters turns. They predicted the position and tested if they were correct. They also enjoyed listening to the turn song.

Look at some RWI phonics videos here...

School Nurse - Safe Touch

We had an exciting visitor. Our school nurse came to see us and we had a workshop on safe touch. The children were very sensible and listened carefully.

History - Transport and Travel

In our first lesson of Transport and Travel, we looked at different types of transport in our local area. We went outside to observed and completed activities when we arrived back in the classroom.

Book Club

The children really enjoyed reading for pleasure in the reading room. They chose their own books, read independently and shared books with their friends.

Year 1 - Christmas Card Craft

For our Christmas cards, year 1 explored the skill of weaving. We used sliver and white paper and added a flame to make a beautiful candle. We hope all our grownups loved them as much as we do.

Look at our amazing puppets.

First, we looked at different methods to join fabrics. We used glue, staples and safety pins. Then, we used templates to create our design. After, we joined the two fabric pieces together accurately. Finally, we embellished our designs using joining methods.

Music: Pulse and Rhythm - Happy

Using the call and response method, the children listen out for rhythms and then repeat them.

Music: Pulse and Rhythm

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

The children played along to the pulse of ‘can’t stop the feeling’ using their instruments.

Then, with a partner, they practised playing the rhythms of each other’s names.

History: Toys Over Time - What toys did our grownups play with?

In History, year 1 have continued to look at toys over time. Excitingly, some of the grownups in school brought in their favourite toys from when they were little. We loved hearing about these special toys. Thank you to Miss Barron and Mr Wilson for helping us learn.

Maths Unit 4: Numbers to 20

Making a number line:

Children are making connections between the cardinal representations (quantity of cubes) and ordinal representations (positions on the number line).

Maths Unit 3: Shape and Pattern

See below the phonics links for Autumn 2 Week 2 homework

Maths - Position and Direction

In Maths, we linked our position and direction learning to our Autumn 1 unit of Computing. We discussed the keyword algorithm and recalled what it meant. We then created multistep algorithms to move Ted the Teddy around the grid. We used lots of key vocabulary to describe the movements.

RE - Judaism

We looked at the importance of family and discussed how older family members help shape the family and culture. We created our own family stars in the sky.

Odd Sock Day and Anti-Bullying Week

We had great fun wearing odd socks and we loved sharing our new story about Ellie and Lilly and their kindness club. We especially liked Smudge the Cat.

Picture News - Remembrance Day

We discussed how the poppy has changed over time and why the poppy has become plastic free. We created our own plastic free poppies to take home for the Remembrance weekend.

Year 1 and 2’s Remembrance Service and Celebration of the Word

The classes had a special service outside in the prayer garden. We reflected on why it is important to remember those who died to protect us and the symbol of the poppy.

Music Lesson 1: Pulse and rhythm: My favourite things

Still image for this video

In this lesson the children played multiple voice control games exploring pulse and rhythm.

The Name Game

Still image for this video

Computing: iWrite Lesson 1

The children looked at different methods to create text. We used stamps, stickers, stencils and lots more ways.

In this lesson Year 1 are developing being active and participating in group/team work.

Black History Week

Year 1 PE

Year 1 Computing - IFollow, ISilly and ISay

Take 10 with Ziggy Hanaor and Ollie Silvester, the author-illustrator duo behind Gory Rory Fangface Needs A Kiss.

In Art, we created a large collaborative line artwork using a variety of different techniques and materials. This piece is inspired by water and the artwork of Zaria Forman.

In Art, we created a line drawings by arranging pieces of string to create different shapes then drew these from observation inspired by the artist Bridget Riley.

Look at our Addition Sweet Challenge.

In RE, we created our own wildflower artwork like the wildflowers Jesus spoke about (Luke 12: 24-30 and Matthew 6: 24-30).

Writing - ‘Autumn is Here’

Our second unit of writing is ‘Autumn is Here’. We have been looking for signs of Autumn and we also learnt about different Autumnal festivals.

Science - Sorting Materials

Look at our Super Science. In groups, sort the objects and pictures into the correct material category.

RE - God's Love

Today in RE, we were getting better at understanding and learning about God’s love in the bible. We created actions to the words of Psalm 63 line by line and create a class house. Children recognised the things to show love and care and wrote one of these things on each brick.

Writing - ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’

Our first unit of writing was based on the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. We had so much fun creating Gerald, experimenting with different types of dancing, and creating story maps. Here are few pictures of our learning.

Maths - Place Value within 10

Year 1 started their maths journey looking at numbers to 10. First, we looked at composing and counting numbers. Then, we looked at part wholes and the number bonds to create each number. Finally, we also compared and ordered numbers. Look at all the fun we have had.

What a lovely first week of school!

We have enjoyed lots of amazing learning. We have looked at understanding and making numbers to 10, naming materials in science and showing care and love in RE. The highlight of our week must be learning about and doing the different dances from our story ‘Giraffes can’t dance’. We had so much fun, just look at the pictures.

General school information

  • School starts at 9:00am with the school gates opening at 8:35am
  • Breakfast club starts at 8:00am and the gates will be closed at 8:15am for breakfast club attendees.
  • Please inform the office if your child is absent. 
  • All children need to be in the correct school uniform each day, including black school shoes. 


Key information


Reading - Reading is at the heart of all our learning at Holy Family. To support this at home, please could all children ensure that they read their school reading book every night and that the planner is signed by an adult. Alongside this, it is also key that all children select their own reading for pleasure book which they will also have opportunities to read and share with others in school. I can't wait to hear about all the 'Recommended Reads' from each of the children and any new vocabulary which they may have collected on their reading journeys. 


Phonics- In Year 1 children will receive regular phonics homework and sounds to learn at home based on which sounds they are currently learning at School.  It is also key that the children understand any new words met and can apply into their writing as well as being able to read them. It would be lovely for children to practice any new sounds they have written and form words and then sentences using them. All written homework must be presented to the highest standard. 


Homework - All children will be given weekly English or Maths homework. This is to be sent home on a Wednesday and returned to school on a Monday.  


PE - PE will take place every Wednesday and Friday. All children must have the correct school PE kit of white t-shirt and black shorts. (Track suits may be worn as the weather turns colder). Please ensure that all children have trainers to enable them to fully participate in this key subject. 










Summer 2- Seaside Now and Then.

During Summer 2 our focus for learning will be the Seaside! We will be exploring the seaside in Victorian times and how it has changed to the Seaside's we have now. We will also be participating in an exciting trip to Cleethorpes beach to immerse into our new learning and to explore the seaside!

Our Immersive Classroom!

Our Seaside Now and Then Classroom!

Our Immersive Homework!

The children explored Scratch Jr, they created their own characters and settings and they programmed the characters to move forwards, backwards, left and right by putting the action buttons together to create a sequence. 

Maths- Numbers 50 to 100.

The children used concrete materials such as cubes and dienes to represent tens and ones within numbers to 100. We explored how many tens and how many ones there are within numbers to 100 and 100. 

Sky Arts Week- Exploring Movement through Dance

Still image for this video

The children explored dance through making shapes. They made circles with their bodies and squares with their arms to the rhythm of the music and created a dance!

Exploring Movement and Dance

RE- When Zacchaeus met Jesus

Still image for this video

Maths- Fractions- Exploring halves and quarters

We used bread and tomatoes to explore creating equal halves and quarters. 

Prayer Liturgies

RSE- My Hands Are Yours song

Still image for this video

RSE- Exploring Neighbours


Our trip to Cleethorpes!

Summer 1- The United Kingdom

During Summer term 1 we will be learning all about The United Kingdom as our geography topic. We will be looking at what countries make up The United Kingdom, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales and what they are known for. We will be exploring and researching famous landmarks within those countries and the reasons for being such popular tourist places. 

Our Immersive Classroom!

Our UK Immersive Classroom!

Our Immersive homework!

Observational drawings of the school building