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Year 1

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Class Teacher: Miss Dyson

Teaching Assistant: Miss Brown 

SEN: Mrs Temperton (AM) 

Sending you a lovely warm welcome to Year One at Holy Family. 



Year One Key Information: 


School starts at 9.00am with the school gates opening at 8.35am (allowing extra time).

- PE will take place most afternoons each week, I recommend children bring their PE kit to school on a Monday, leave it at school and take it home on a Friday for it to be washed.

- Project based homework with a literacy or numeracy focus will be given out on a Friday and marked on a Monday. This will be given through dojo (paper copy if requested). 

- School ends at 3.25pm

- Please ensure the office staff have your up to date contact details

- Please ring the office if your child will be absent. 


School Uniform- At Holy Family we pride ourselves on our appearance. Please ensure your child/ren attend school in the correct uniform and adhere to the uniform policy. 


Please do not hesitate to ask me questions regarding your child and their education or if you require a general update on how your child/ren are doing. Please ask for Miss Dyson and I will ensure I make time to meet/speak with you. 

Many thanks, we are looking forward to beginning our amazing Year One learning journey with you all! 

The Year One Team! 



What parents/carers can do to help: 


- Encourage your child to read every day and try to record this in your child's reading record. 

- Encourage your child to talk and share their feelings with you. 

- Encourage your child to be immersed in their environment, be creative, imaginative and play. 

- Promote resilience and provide opportunities for your child to problem solve. Focusing on basic life skills. 

- Encourage your child to be able to read, write and spell the High Frequency Words for Reception, Year One and even Year Two. 








Reading in Year One 


We are currently reading 'Masai & I' by Virginia Kroll in Year One. This book is exciting and we are enjoying exploring sequencing the story, making predictions and we are even beginning to change and adapt the story! We will be writing a diary entry based on the main character and her findings of the Masai tribe. 

We are going to explore and discuss who the Masai tribe were and are and follow Linda on her journey of discovery! 


What does Linda discover? 

Where does Linda live? 

How is the life of those in the Masai tribe the same as your life? 

Are there any differences? 

Visit this page for access to texts suitable for your child/ren for free. Let your imaginations run free and enjoy a good book or three....or four.... 

Reading Information Year One

Welcome Back Year One!  

Welcome back Year One, we are so happy to be learning the classroom and beginning a fantastic Summer Term!

Miss Brown and I are so proud of how well you are learning and how hard you are trying!

We are beginning our new topic 'Kenya- Hakuna Matata!'. This topic covers History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art, Music, RE and lots of other subjects and skills! 

We will be continuing to focus on our basic skills in literacy and numeracy- letter and number formation. Phonics will continue to take place daily 9am and we will be really concentrating on developing our School Intents! 

Who can show Resilience? 

Who is Creative? 

Who isn't afraid of trying new Experiences? 

Who can build on Prior Learning? 

Let us Enquire together work both Independently and Collaboratively! 

A huge well done again 

Miss Dyson 

Miss Brown 




A HUGE well done to our end of year attendance achievers! It is so important for our children to attend School every day and we really enjoy sharing and celebrating their efforts. Well done to each of you for achieving 96%+ either Bronze, Silver or Gold awards... remember always aim for that Gold and 100%. 


Summer 2 Learning in Year One....Reading for Pleasure!

Summer 1 Learning in Year One (Week End 28.05.2021)

Still image for this video
Miss Dyson and Miss Brown are so proud of Year One, the learning this half term has been incredible! Our School Intent's are evident in each and every part of our learning. We have worked particularly hard on being reflective, resilient and using prior learning and knowledge! Well done Year One, keep up the hard work! :)

Pentecost Celebration 21.05.2021

Learning this week in Year One (Week Beginning 17.05.2021)

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This week we have worked very hard in English- developing our reading and writing skills. We were able to order, edit and retell a story! A fantastic new experience which was enjoyed by all! In Maths we have been working very hard and developing resilience when looking at halves in our new topic Fractions!

Learning this week in Year One (Week Beginning 10.05.2021)

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We have had such a fantastic week of learning again in Year One. This week we have created display to showcase our love of reading and how we read in a range of ways using a range of materials and genres! Wow...
We have also used Talk 4 Writing to retell the story of Handa's Surprise and immersed ourselves in to our Science topic- We planted cress seeds.
Yet again Year One have demonstrated their application of our School Intents in to each and every aspect of their learning.
Their resilience was really tested outside on the Trim Trail...well done for not giving up Year One and not being afraid to try new experiences!

Learning this week in Year One (Week Beginning 04.05.2021)

Still image for this video
Year One have been extremely busy again this week...we have managed to fit so much learning in to this four day week! Fantastic work displayed on the 'Wow' net. We have continued to add and immerse ourselves in the classroom for our topic 'Hakuna Matata-Kenya'. Have a look at our video showcasing some of the fabulous learning which has taken place this week!

Learning this week in Year One (Week Beginning 26.04.2021)

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This week we have nearly finished our first journey exploring Kenya in our Topic Hakuna Matata! We can now begin to answer our question..."Where is Kenya" confidently.
We have enjoyed our daily reading sessions and enjoy sharing our thoughts and feelings about our books to one another. In Maths we have begun to explore Division now that we have a lovely understanding of multiplication.
We have lots of work on our Wow net in class, showcasing our fantastic work and demonstrating our School Intents lovely.

Learning this Week in Year One (Week Beginning 19th April 2021)

Still image for this video
We have had another busy week of learning in Year One this week! Handa's Surprise is a fantastic book which we are continuing to enjoy. We enjoyed trying new experiences- sampling the 7 delicious fruits which appear in the story. We have been creative exploring the work of our artist- Sarah Shiundu. Year One have also demonstrated a great deal of resilience in maths when we have been working on multiplication- twos, fives and tens! Keep up the hard work Year One, a huge well done!

Welcome to Kenya! Hakuna Matata!

Still image for this video
What a fantastic start to our Summer Term Year One!
We have all enjoyed learning in our Kenyan classroom this week. Firstly, we explored Kenya...where is it? We then enjoyed an 'immersive' afternoon creating some African masks to hang in the classroom exploring colours and shapes, followed by using clay to mould and shape some of the 'Big Five' animals of Africa! Each table has one the Big Five as its 'table name'. We have Rhino, Buffalo, Leopard, Lion and Elephant!
This was very fun and messy! Such a fantastic start to our Kenyan learning journey. I wonder where our next stop will be and where will we end up with our fantastic learning journey!

Welcome back in to the classroom Year One!- Friday 12th March...Wellbeing and Creative Day!

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We have really enjoyed being back together in the classroom in Year One. We are staying safe and enjoying settling back in with our School routines and new topics! We have celebrated today by being very creative and focusing on keeping fit and healthy! It is so important both mentally and physically, well done Year One!


Still image for this video
We really enjoyed dressing up in our pyjamas and dressing gowns today! Every evening we have listened to a different 'Bedtime Story' read by different teachers, we also enjoyed listening to a 'mystery reader' this morning on Teams. In Year One we really enjoy reading and responding to a range of genres. We are working really hard on becoming Super Storytellers!

Year One. Week Commencing 8th February 2021

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Another fantastic week of learning in Year One. We have been sharing great examples of learning across the curriculum- Phonics, Handwriting, Literacy and Maths work. We also always put 100% in to our creative curriculum afternoon tasks. Stainforth 'Our Local Area' - researching, designing and creating a new addition to Stainforth. This week children enjoyed taking part in a 'Scavenger Hunt' - reading the instructions, finding the objects, providing evidence via photos on teams and then being rewarded with dojos! We discussed our Lenten promises- what are we giving up and what are we doing extra! We also shared examples of our 'Special Meals' and the significance of this in Mass in our RE topic. Fantastic PE too with daily exercise, cosmic Yoga and writing exercise plans. Well done Year One, have a lovely week off and stay safe. Superstars!

Year One. 'We Are Inventors!' Week beginning 8th February 2021

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'Stainforth-Our Local Area' is our topic this term. This week we have researched Stainforth- what does Stainforth currently have for the community. We then discussed what we could invent for Stainforth and gave reasons for this. Children then researched further, designed, created and reviewed their inventions! Fantastic ideas....a Zoo, a cinema, a new School, a new Church, a new shop, a swimming pool and lots of parks were invented! Well done Year One!

Year One. Week beginning 1st February 2021

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Fantastic learning this week Year 1! We began the week with such positive attitudes and we have enjoyed exploring and comparing lengths of objects and numbers this week in maths! Children's Health and Wellbeing week featured in our Literacy lessons providing us with the opportunity to explore what makes us who we are and how we can celebrate ourselves, our qualities and our uniqueness. On Tuesday morning we all gathered together for a 'Live-Stream Mass' celebrating Candlemas, this was a beautiful service and we all embraced the opportunity to create a quiet prayer area in our houses and watch it. We have tried very hard with our daily phonics and handwriting sessions and Miss Brown and I can see how much care and attention you are paying to your work. Well done Year 1.

'Express Yourself' Children's Health and Wellbeing Week 1st-7th February 2021

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In Year 1 this week we have been exploring how we can express ourselves. What do we enjoy? What makes us happy? What are our interests? Do we have objects which make us feel happier? Do we have a favourite lesson? Can we discuss our special qualities? What does being Unique mean? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?
A huge well done to Year 1 for fantastic learning and answering all of the questions this week. Miss Brown and I are extremely proud, keep up the hard work and positive attitudes to your learning.

Year One Daily Reading Challenge. Week beginning 25th January 2021

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Miss Dyson and Miss Brown set Year 1 a VERY important challenge this week....they were asked to find a special, different or interesting place to enjoy a book and post a photo for their daily reading. We are happy to say we rewarded the children with many dojo's! Well done Year 1- Challenge complete!

What has been happening in Year One's virtual classroom this week? Week beginning 25th January 2021

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We have been extremely busy in Year 1 this week. Attending our live lessons, answering questions and producing fantastic work. Children enjoyed completing the 'Daily Reading Challenge' Miss Dyson and Miss Brown set them. We have become maths superstars recognising and ordering numbers. Fantastic work in Literacy and some fantastic guided reading we are enjoying our class book 'The Gruffalo' and we are working hard on reading with expression and including adjectives in our writing to engage the reader! Super work Year 1.

Year One are settling in well in our virtual classroom....

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Year 1 have settled in very well with their virtual learning! Enjoying participating in live lessons, always with smiles on their faces and then producing fantastic work. We are working hard on the presentation of our work and ensuring we maintain the same high standards of work as we would in our School Building! Keep up the hard work Year 1 and keep smiling!

Carols Around the Crib Holy Family

We wanted to share some of our learning....

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Is a Pirates life for me?

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Year One out takes....

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Autumn Journey 2 Ahoy There!

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Anti- Bullying 2020

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For anti-bullying week 2020 we all wore 'odd socks' to highlight and celebrate each and every one of our differences. We shared our unique qualities and created a washing line of odd socks with our names on. We also role played some scenarios of bullying and discussed that bullying cannot always be seen there are different types of bullying- physical and emotional.
In Year One we say NO to bullying!

Learning in Year One is so much fun!

Still image for this video
Please take a look at some of our learning, we are immersed in our learning and enjoy a wide range of engaging lessons which enable us to make progress and flourish as children. As you can see from our smiles we agree with our teachers.... learning in Year One is SO much fun!

Remembrance Day

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In year one we commemorated Armistice day together by contributing to our whole school display. The front of the School looked amazing! We couldn't beleive how many parents/children commented on how wonderful it looked. 
On 11th November 2020 Remembrance Day, we gathered (socially distanced) as a class and discussed the importance of the day and who/what we were remembering. We looked out across our own 'Flanders Field' and had a moment of reflection to think of those who have gone or were injured. 
We then gathered in the hall in a huge socially distanced circle and held our own Remembrance Day service.
It was a beautiful commemoration to each and every individual who fought for us those many years ago. We have so much work and learning in our RE books! 

Enterprise Week

Year One say AHOY THERE!

Still image for this video
Please have a look at some of our topic work so far... we are thoroughly enjoying learning about Pirates as part of our immersive History topic. We don't learn in a classroom this term....we learn on board a Pirate Ship!! Arrrrrr

Black History

Black History 


In Year One equality is embedded in everything we do and are. 

For Black History month we focused on the life and history of Rosa Parks and her influence on equality. We reflected as class during our class collective worships. 

We explored how Rosa Parks was arrested and imprisoned because of the incident on the bus and we created our own buses with people of all races able to choose their seat and not be judged or told no. 

We wrote a class prayer which is displayed in our classroom which focuses on equality and celebrating differences. 

We created Black History posters with a strong message of all lives matter.

In our individual project books we have created a double page spread with lots of facts, information and stories of Rosa Parks. 

We really enjoyed learning about Black History and really could not believe there could be so much inequality in the world. 

Pirate Treasure Hunt 


In Year One we thoroughly enjoyed our Pirate themed treasure hunt. 

This challenge really emphasised just how important our school intent is. 

We were creative, worked collaboratively and independently as and when we needed to, we had to make connections with other areas of our learning (maths, social skills, reading etc.).

During the treasure hunt we had to be resilient and not give up! 

We loved trying this new experience and after following the clues and cracking the code we managed to find the treasure chest and the reward of the treasure was amazing! 

Treasure Hunt

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In Year one we will be sitting the phonics screening test in

June 2021


Please ensure no holidays are taken during this time. 

Many thanks 

Miss Dyson 



Year One Common Exception Words 



Please find below a link to the first 200 common exception words for Y1 and Y2. In order for Y1 children to achieve their age related expectations they should be able to read and spell the first 100 common exception words. 

Thank you for your continued support.  


Please also find a link to Y1 numeracy and literacy curriculum statements. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and ask. 

Thank you 

Miss Dyson 




Please find below a list of online resources you can access free of charge to help support your child/ren's learning. 

Each child will have also have had access to home learning packs. The learning packs have paper and I have also provided a few more online resources and some learning ideas/projects, literacy, science, RE, geography, history, design technology, music, pe and other engaging lesson ideas. I hope you will find them useful. 


It is also useful to consider the teaching of important life skills during this period of time. There are many things you can teach your child such as: 

- Handling money e.g. "Can you feed a family with £5?" 

 "How much does the food you've eaten today cost?" 

- Telling the time e.g. Creating a timetable daily. 

- Exploring nature and your surroundings. (Even from inside looking outside) 

- Cooking and baking e.g. Measuring ingredients and costing them. 

- Cleaning 

- The importance of hygiene. 


I will continue to monitor the website and update resources accordingly, please remember children thrive when learning and applying new learning. Opportunities to spend time as a family and share books or counting/comparing objects in the home are such important experiences for children. So much learning can be applied to our home environments. 

Many thanks and please take care 

Miss Dyson 

Miss Brown