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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1 


Class Teacher: Miss Brown

Teaching Assistants: Miss Ellams

Welcome to the Year 1 class page!


Hold my hand, God,

lead the way. 

Help me be good every day.

Let me know what's wrong and right,

keep me safe day and night.

Let me know what you have planned,

lead the way God, hold my hand.




Summer 2- Seaside Now and Then.

During Summer 2 our focus for learning will be the Seaside! We will be exploring the seaside in Victorian times and how it has changed to the Seaside's we have now. We will also be participating in an exciting trip to Cleethorpes beach to immerse into our new learning and to explore the seaside!

Our Immersive Classroom!

Our Seaside Now and Then Classroom!

Summer 1- The United Kingdom

During Summer term 1 we will be learning all about The United Kingdom as our geography topic. We will be looking at what countries make up The United Kingdom, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales and what they are known for. We will be exploring and researching famous landmarks within those countries and the reasons for being such popular tourist places. 

Our Immersive Classroom!

Our UK Immersive Classroom!

Our Immersive homework!

Observational drawings of the school building

During Art this term we have been getting better at observational drawings in the style of L.S Lowry. We have explored the artist and researched facts about himself and his famous art work. We then explored different materials such as chalk, graphite, colouring pencils and oil pastels. We then went outside in the sunshine and positioned ourselves in the front of school to draw what we could see! We payed attention to the structure and the detail of the building and drew our versions in our sketch books. 

During Geography this half-term we have explored and learnt all about the UK! We have looked at the countries within the UK and their famous tourist spots and landmarks. We have looked at the countries flowers such as a thistle, a rose, a shamrock and a daffodil. We have explored the countries flags and how they had all combined to create the Union Jack flag.

Science- Spring and Summer

In Science we have explored the four seasons, particularly focusing on Spring and Summer. We have explored the weather changes as we move in to each season and how we measure the temperature using a thermometer. We have looked at signs of changing seasons such as the weather, the trees and the plants. We have looked at how the daylight hours get longer as the seasons get warmer and what festivals and celebrations we celebrate during those seasons.

During literacy this half-term we have focused on the skill of writing a non-chronological report, we have explored landmarks in London using a virtual tour, discovering famous landmarks and tourist spots! We have researched those landmarks to find out facts and learn new information. We then used this information to create our own non-chronological reports about famous landmarks in London!

During maths this half-term we have learnt all about multiplication and division, we have practise adding equal groups and unequal groups. Discussing the word 'equal' and what it means or shows, sharing equal amounts out between groups. Doubling numbers and looking at patterns. We have practised sharing amounts out between groups, sharing equally and solving problems when there are unequal groups. Using arrays to divide numbers equally. 

Prayer Liturgy


As a school we celebrated the Kings Coronation day by having a whole school picnic style dinner! We enjoyed eating our dinner from our Union Jack picnic boxes and celebrating with our friends! We created a 3D sculpture of King Charles using a range of materials and skills, we used cardboard and cellotape to create the base and the starting structure. We then used modroc to mould our sculpture in to our design and manipulated the modroc to create detail, such as his hair!. Once dried, we painted King Charles using a photo for inspiration. We were very proud of our final result!

Our 3D sculpture of King Charles

Careers day! Meeting the Physiotherapists

Year 1 really enjoyed their first virtual event meeting the physiotherapists! We had the opportunity to listen, discuss and ask questions to two physiotherapists and learn all about their role in our communities of how they help and support people. We looked at the equipment they use and the uniforms they wear alongside other equipment and uniform health and social care workers have!

Year 1 have focused on the skills of writing a letter in our literacy journey this half-term. We focused on the story of Paddington and his adventures in London. We looked at different landmarks in London, linking to our UK topic and popular tourist destinations. We analysed different examples of letters and then put all of our skills together to create our final letters from Paddington to Aunt Lucy.

Paddington Bear

During our computing topic iModel, the children have explored how they can use computers to create different designs and how a computer can be programmed to do a certain thing. The children used laptops to help dress the characters on the screen, using the laptops to dress them in order, independently using a mouse and click button. The children then created their own paint deigns using the laptops, exploring how laptops can complete a task you have set them to do. 

RE- Holidays and Holydays display

RE- Change- Good Friday garden

RE- Change- Lenten promises

RE-Change- Prayer liturgy respond

Spring - Transport and Travel

This term we will be learning all about Transport and Travel as our history topic. We will explore different modes of transport from the past and the famous people who invented such transports, such as the 'Wright Brothers' who invented the first aeroplane in 1903. We will explore how different transport is powered such as wind-powered, steam powered and engine powered. 

Our Immersive classroom!

Our Immersive homework! - Transport and Travel

Topic- Travel and Transport

3D sculptures- Car port

Science- Amazing Animals

Year 1 have enjoyed PE this half-term with Miss Brown focusing on the skills striking and fielding. We have practised warming up our bodies by doing different movements such as running, skipping, jogging and jumping. We have discussed what happens to our bodies when we get warmer. We then moved on to looking at the positions of strikers, bowlers and fielders and practised in small groups throwing under arm and then over arm. We then practised our striking skills by using tennis rackets to hit the balls when bowled to us and practising our catching skills, we worked in small groups again. We then came together to create a whole class rounders team to put together our taught skills. 

PE- Striking and Fielding

Still image for this video
Learning the skill of throwing a ball under arm and over arm and catching the ball.

Year 1 have been learning all about programming! We have discussed instructions and equipment that need instructions in order to perform what it should do. We have used the Bee Bot and gave instructions of forwards, backwards, left and right to help it get to where it needed! 

Maths- Place Value (50)

Safer Internet day!

Art- Sculpture

Literacy- Instructions display!

Maths- Addition and Subtraction (within 20)

Music- In the Groove

Music- In the Groove

Still image for this video
Following different moves to the beat of the music

RE- Special people display!

Prayer Liturgies

RE- Other Faiths- Islam-Stories: Muhammad

Maths- Place value (within 20) display

Maths- Place value (Within 20)

Autumn 2- Toys in Time

This half-term we will be learning all about toys from the past and comparing them to the present toys we have now. 

Take a look below at all of the amazing learning we have done so far this half term! 

The children really enjoyed taking part in this year's nativity play 'Little Angel lost her wings'. Their performance was amazing along with their acting and singing skills, they did themselves, the teachers and their adults proud!

Well done Year 1!

History- Toys in Time

We have been learning all about toys from the past and comparing them to toys in the present time. We have put into practise putting toys in a timeline in chronological order. We have looked at toys from our Grandparents generation and looked at the similarities and differences to toys we have today. We have learnt all about the mechanical properties of toys and how they move and work, if they are pull toys, games, cuddly toys, battery operated or electrical. 

History- Toys in Time

Science- Everyday materials

In our science topic we have learnt all about everyday materials such as wood, plastic, fabric and glass. We have looked at the different properties of those materials which include being transparent, waterproof, flexible, hard, soft and many more. We have enjoyed experimenting with those materials to see what materials are appropriate for certain objects. 

Science- Everyday Materials