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History Intent at Holy Family


History is all around us. Our History Curriculum ignites children’s interest about the past in Britain and the wider world and is designed to build on children’s prior learning, introduce new experiences and enable children to make connections between their skills, knowledge and concepts and work independently and collaborating with others. Through finding out about how and why the world, our country, culture and local community have developed over time, children understand how the past influences the present. History enables children to develop a context for their growing sense of identity and a chronological framework for their knowledge of significant events and people. What children will learn through history can influence their decisions about personal choices, attitudes and values and enable them to enhance their cultural capital and know about life beyond Stainforth. At Holy Family, our intent, when teaching history, is to stimulate the children’s curiosity in order for them to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Year 4 - Who were the Ancient Maya and how successful was their civilisation?

Holy Family celebrates King Charles III's Coronation!

Holy Family celebrated the coronation by writing biographies about King Charles III life and creating magnificent pieces of art and even a sculpture of King Charles III himself! 

EYFS have enjoyed preparing and celebrating King Charles' Coronation. They have familiarised themselves with our new King. Children found out what a coronation is, what happens during the coronation ceremony and some of the special items involved, such as the crowns, sceptres and orbs. Children were also encouraged to use newly learnt vocabulary associated with the event. 

Year 6 - Conflict and Resolution

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Year 5- Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

The children have been learning all about the vicious Vikings and how the invaded Britain in 793AD.

They really enjoyed learning about the Viking raids and discovering what daily life was like for the Anglo-Saxons.

Take a look at our learning journey below.

Year 1- Travel and Transport

Year 1 have really enjoyed learning all about Travel and Transport and comparing modes of transport from the past and present. We have looked at famous inventors such as 'The Wright Brothers' who invited the first aeroplane and compared the different types of transport that we had in the past and that we have today. 

Year 1- Travel and Transport immersive homework

King Charles and the Queen Consort Visit the City of Doncaster!

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The King Charles and Queen Consort Visit November 9th 2022

Children from Year 5 and Year 6 were lucky enough to be able to visit Doncaster on the most memorable of days- to see King Charles and the Queen Consort.

They travelled on the service bus to Doncaster where they were escorted to a VIP area to meet the royal visitors.

Take a look at the once in a lifetime trip below!

Year 1- Toys in time- Autumn

Year 1 created their own toy museum using toys from both past and present. They presented the toys on a display in the classroom in chronological order from the oldest to the most modern. We discussed toys from the past and compared them to modern toys looking at their characteristics. 

Understanding the World - Past and Present

FS2 children have deepened their understanding of immediate family by remembering and talking about special times in their lives.

Year 5- Black History Month

"Without education, you're not going anywhere in this world."

Malcolm X                                       

The children in year 5 have been learning about an important figure- Malcolm X.

They researched his early life and family and discovered his inspiration for changing his life when he was older.

FS1 - Black History

FS1 children read the story all about Harriet Tubman. They discussed emotions and sequenced her life events.

Black History - FS2

Children in FS2 learnt all about Frederick Douglass.

Lot's of interesting facts were discussed and children made a timeline of his life events.

The King Is Coming To Doncaster!

Doncaster is to be honoured with a visit from Their Majesties the King and The Queen Consort on Wednesday November 9 to confer city status on the borough.

This wonderful news will also be available on the royal website -

 You can follow MyDoncaster social media channels which will share the good news and further public information.

Year 5- Anglo-Saxons and Scots

The children really enjoyed learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Scots in their first history topic of the year!

From discovering the initial invasion of Angles and Saxons, to becoming historians and investigating primary sources, the children were able to discuss their learning and display it in wonderful, creative ways.

Take a look at their fantastic work below.

Year 6 have really enjoyed being creative when presenting their work about Ancient Egypt.

Celebrating the Queen in FS2

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Reception children looked at the historic day when Princess Elizabeth formly became Queen Elizabeth II. We looked at photographs taken on the day of her Coronation - 2nd June 1953. We made a crown, flags and 'God Save our Queen' banner to use to role play our very own Coronation. Children were introduced to sketching and tried really hard to study the face of the Queen. We wrote a prayer together and we looked at coins, making observations and noticing that they all had the Queens head on one side.  

EYFS really enjoyed preparing for the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

EYFS dressed in red, white and blue. They also painted a half portrait of the queen using appropriate colours and used their fine motor skills to cut and make a life cycle of the Queen.

Art and DT Work to Celetrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee

Parent Voice

Parents, carers, grandparents, aunties, uncles and family friends turned out in volume to support and celebrate with their children. All relatives enjoyed an afternoon tea and then settled for a treat, and what a they were in for. The children performed songs through the decades:

EYFS The Jubilee Song

1950s  Year 6 We’ll Meet again

1960s Year 5 Dancing in the street

1970s Year 2 Dancing Queen – ABBA

1980s Year 1 We are the champions by Queen
1990s Year 4 Wonderwall – Oasis

2000 Year 3 Sing, Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth Band feat. The Military Wives

By the end of the celebrations, everyone was on their feet singing and dancing. What a great way to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee and to finish half term.


We were honoured to have our Chair of Governors and our local Councillor joining us at our Jubilee Celebrations.

Jubilee Celebrations

Holy Family children enjoying a picnic lunch and old fashioned games to start the Jubilee Celebrations.

Year 5- Baghdad and the Middle East

Year 5 have been learning all about the history of Baghdad and the Middle East. From how it was created, to the end of the Islamic Empire, we have been exploring the culture, academia and religion of this beautiful city.

Take a look at some of the wonderful pictures of our classroom, our books and our work and we can't wait to share our finished journey.


Year 4 - Maya Civilization

This half term, the children in year 4 are learning all about the Maya Civilization in Topic. The children have been really interested in this topic so far and have learnt lots already. This week in our learning journey, the children learnt about the Maya social hierarchy, different Maya artefacts and looked at different cities where the Maya people lived. 

Y3 - Stone Age

Children in Reception have been looking at similarities and differences between things in the past and now.

Year 6 have produced some fantastic work on WWI - learning about how WWI started, who was involved in the war, trench warfare, the role women played during WWI and how WWI ended...

Reception children have been learning all about Chinese New Year.

Still image for this video
The children enjoyed every activity and were able to explain why they were making lanterns and red envelopes.

In Nursery we enjoyed exploring the past through family photographs from the last 100 years, as well as looking at some precious artefacts. Children compared how sweet wrappers have changed over time, from Wilkinson's Pontefract Cakes sold in tins in the 1950s to Haribo Pontefract Cakes sold in plastic wrappers in 2022. We also compared how children's cough sweets have changed too, and that they must taste a lot better now!

Reception read stories, looked at pictures and artefacts about the past to promote lots of discussion about things from long ago. We shared pictures of our families and discussed how there are many different families.

Artefacts Supporting our Learning in Year One!

Year Two Black History

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Year Two joined author Serlina Boyd, creator of Cocoa Girl magazine, to hear all about her book Cocoa Girl Awesome Hair a celebration of beautiful black hair, featuring real life girls who love their hair. Serlina spoke to children about why she wrote her book, and shared more about the history of Black hair, Black role models and Black culture. In Topic lessons we then learnt all about Mary Seacole and why she is important.We compared Mary Seacole to Florence Nightingale and their experiences as nurses during the Crimean War. Year Two combined all they has learnt about Mary Seacole and made a fact file about her!

LOOK! A beautiful collection of every significant step children have taken in their learning. A collection of photographs, their writing, painting, drawing put in a creative way.

Vibrant Historical learning environments at Holy Family are every where; walls, windows and ceilings. Thought has been given to learning prompts, key vocabulary, photographs celebrating achievement and displays show high-quality children's work.

Year 6's trip to Eden Camp

Still image for this video

The following video shows Year 6's trip to Eden Camp - what a fantastic day! This was used to enhance our WWII topic where children recorded lots of different facts about different aspects of the war whilst having fun with their friends along the way. Many children commented, "This is the best trip we have ever been on!" 

Year Two Dinosaurs

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Year Two really immersed themselves into our topic of dinosaurs. We sketched our own fossils as well as taking on the role of palaeontologists and finding our own fossils. Also, we learnt how to grow a dinosaur and wrote a creative set of instructions so everyone can grow their own dinosaur. We had so much fun and tried new experiences on our topic journey!