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Geography Intent at Holy Family


Geography is essentially about understanding the world we live in. It helps to provoke and provide answers to questions about the natural and human aspects of the world. At Holy Family, children are encouraged to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of the world, as well as their place in it and to enhance their cultural capital and know about life beyond Stainforth. The geography curriculum enables children to develop knowledge and skills that are transferrable to other curriculum areas. Geography is an investigative subject, which develops an understanding of concepts, knowledge and skills. At Holy Family our intent, when teaching geography, is to inspire in children a curiosity and fascination about the world and people within it; to promote the children’s interest and understanding of diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes.

Year 1 loved their school trip to Cleethorpes. They enjoyed hearing about the RNLI and asking questions. They even got to try on a helmet. We then had a picnic on the beach and had lots of fun playing in the sand. They also spotted different landmarks at the seaside and used our rules we decided on in lesson 6 of our geography unit. We were all very grateful to the governors for buying us an ice lolly to finish off the day.

Thank you to all the grownups and chilldren who visited our geography showcase. It was lovely to see all the children enjoying showing off their amazing work.

Year 1: Beside the Seaside

The children created a map of the seaside and used compass points to navigate a beebot through the map to reach different landmarks.

In year 3, the children have enjoyed using a world atlas to find the capital city of many European countries. The children have also been able to use this information to decide which ordinal direction they are situated in. The children enjoyed using a map to compare with their own image to label rivers, oceans, mountains, volcanoes and coastal areas.

Year 5- Biomes

The children in year 5 started their topic exploring the different biomes around the globe then they began to identify individual features including climate zones and flora and fauna. They finished their topic by completing an investigation into the impact of deforestation on the deciduous forests in the UK.

Take a look at their learning journey above...

Year 4 have studied the Amazon Rainforest and investigated why it is so important to our planet. The children have studied what life is like for the indigenous people of the Rainforest and why this needs to be protected. 

Understanding the World - People, Culture and Communities in Nursery

Children looked at the contrasting environments between life in the circus and life as we know it. They looked through books and looked at pictures on the internet.

Year 1: The United Kingdom

Year 1 explored the countries of the United Kingdom. They completed lots of work showing all that they have learnt.

Y3-Climate and Climate Zones

Here are some pictures of Y3 topic work for our summer 1 unit. The children have enjoyed learning about the different climate zones around the world and their properties.

Year 1: The United Kingdom: Union Jack

The children were learning about what the Union Jack is and what it represents. They created their own version of the flag.

Reception - Understanding the World - People, Culture and Communities

Children looked at images and video clips, they shared texts and other resources to bring the wider world into the classroom.

Year 3-Climate and climate zones

In year 3, we have been getting better at exploring temperate and Mediterranean climate zones. We have been using our research skills and mapping tools to complete table activities.

Y3-Climate and Climate zones

In our new topic we have been getting better at understanding what the weather is like in our local area. In our lesson we have began conducting an experiment to track the amount of rainfall in a week, as well as temperature and type of weather. Y3 will record this in their books for 5 days.

Chinese New Year in FS2

Children in Reception have really enjoyed visiting our 'Chinese Restaurant' and sampling the delightful Chinese foods.

FS2 - Understanding the World

Reception children joined the 'Nature Girls' as they packed their bags and started a journey, exploring natural habitats around the world. They swam in the sea, explored the desert and discovered the harsh arctic tundra. Children understood that there is so much to discover about the natural world.

Year 5- Asia: Mountains, Volcanoes and Earthquakes

The children in year 5 really enjoyed their topic all about the mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes in Asia. They learnt all about the processes that form mountains and volcanoes and how earthquakes are causes. They finished their topic with a case study into an earthquake and volcano event, exploring the after effects including tsunamis. Take a look at some of their amazing work!

Year 4 - The Amazon Rainforest

Year 4 have been using atlases to locate the capital cities of countries in South America.

Year 6 - Mapping the World

In Mapping the World, Year 6 learnt what maps can tell us, how to locate places on a map, how to read an Ordnance Survey map and then how to plan fieldwork in our local area - we then conducted fieldwork and presented our findings using tables.

Y3-learning journey

Y3 have enjoyed learning about UK land and Settlements, where they have explored different rivers, mountains, and areas within the UK and our local area.

FS2 - People, Culture and Communities

Children listened to lots of stories about the everyday lives of children in countries around the world. They learnt that even though they live in different countries and speak different languages, they still have the same things and enjoy the same activities.

Year 1 - Our Local Area

People, Culture and Communities in Reception

Children looked at the picture of our school and discussed the name of the road and town that our school is located in.

Year 1 have been learning all about countries within the UK such as Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. We have explored their flags and how all four countries flags combined create the UK flag- The Union Jack. We have explored the meaning of the Union Jack flag, being united together. We have looked at famous landmarks and tourist attractions within the countries in the UK and how they have similarities and differences to each other. 

Year Two- How is living in Kenya similar and different to living in the UK?

Year 4 - What is the Amazon, why is it significant and should it be protected?

Year 4 have shown their creative talent when completing our geography unit- What is the Amazon, why is it significant and should it be protected?

Asia: Mountains, Earthquakes and Volcanoes- End of Topic

The children have learnt so much in their geography topic all about Asia. From describing human and physical features to explaining the effect of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, the children have recorded their work in the most creative ways. Take a look!

Map drawing in FS2

Reception children drew a map using their knowledge of the story, 'What the Lady Bird Heard.'

Do you think they made it to the prize cow?

Year 6 - Global Challenges

Still image for this video

King Charles and the Queen Consort Visit the City of Doncaster!

Still image for this video
The King Charles and Queen Consort Visit November 9th 2022

Children from Year 5 and Year 6 were lucky enough to be able to visit Doncaster on the most memorable of days- to see King Charles and the Queen Consort.

They travelled on the service bus to Doncaster where they were escorted to a VIP area to meet the royal visitors.

Take a look at the once in a lifetime trip below!

FS2 - Understanding the World - People, Communities and Culture

Who would have thought looking at the weather could be so much fun!

Children in FS2 have danced and copied actions, sang new songs, observed the weather and recorded their findings.

Children have been made aware of the changes that have occured in the world around them and have learnt that places change with seasons and over long periods of time. 




Year 4 - The USA

In Year 4 this half term, the children have been learning about the USA. We have explored where the USA is in the world, the population of the different states, what landmarks are there and completed some state studies. The children have completed maps and learnt lots of new information about the USA.

Year 6 Geography topic - Mapping the World

Still image for this video

The following shows a sample of work from Year 6 on their topic; Global Challenges. This topic allowed children to analyse climate change, borders, how we distribute the world's resources and ways ways to promote sustainability! 

Year 3 - Climate and Biomes

Year 2 - Life in Kenya

In Year 2, we have started our topic- 'Life in Kenya'. Using what we learnt about continents, we have discussed how Kenya is located in Africa. We found out which countries are next to Kenya and which is the closest ocean. We have also discussed the climate in Kenya and how this is similiar or different to the UK. 

Year 2- Planet Earth

In Year 2, we have been studying the continents of the World. We have studied the physical and human features of each continent, animals that may live there and the climate. 

New Geography Environments

Children are extremely excited to spend time exploring geography and history in depth and to focus on developing accurate historical and geographical terminology in their inviting immersive classrooms.

Reception children have been learning all about Lent around the world.

What you can do to help children learn Geography at home?

In Nursery we have been learning all about Stainforth. We learnt about key places in Stainforth, like the Colliery, our school and our church. We put these places on our very own map!

Year 5 Geography

Year 5 have now finished their learning journey. We learnt how volcanoes and earthquakes happen and researched the secondary effects that occur from these devastating natural disasters. Take a look below at some of the amazing work the children produced.

Year 5 -Asia- Spring 2

Still image for this video

Year 5 Geography

Year 5 have started their Geography learning journey. They have studied physical and human features of Asia, studied continental drift and tectonic plates. They have found out what hard and soft borders are and where they exist in Asia. Year 5 have also studied how mountains are formed. 

Year 4 Amazon Research

Year 4 have been researching about the animals and habitats located in the Amazon Rainforest in South America. They have learnt about a capybara, pygmy marmoset and a jaguar.

Reception have looked at flags and written the names of countries linked to Chinese New Year.

Year Two news round report about Planet Earth

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Year 2 have written an information text about our topic Planet Earth. We started by learning the seven continents of the world as well as the five main oceans. Then we built on that knowledge by learning interesting facts about each continent. We compared the size and population as well famous landmarks and amazing wildlife that each continent had to offer. We have made a news round report to show all we have learnt on our learning journey about Planet Earth so far.

Geographical learning displays at Holy Family are everywhere: walls, windows, display boards and ceilings. Thought has been given to learning prompts, key vocabulary and knowledge organisers. All of which celebrate the achievements of children.

Beautifully presented work in our topic books. Children think really hard about being creative when presenting their work.

The whole school enjoyed an 'Around the World' lunch experience this week. All of the food choices were linked to topics and the children really enjoyed trying new flavours. The children were also excited to be in with the chance of winning a Subway voucher, kindly donated by our local Subway shop, to continue their experience of tantalising their taste buds!. Children were also entered into a draw to win a weeks pass of eating earlier than their friends in the dining hall.

These girls in Reception followed prepositional directions to help Zog find his way back to school.

Reception children enjoyed watching Newsround and learning all about what is happening in the world they live.

Year One- Geography Homework 'Modes of Transport' January 2022

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We are exploring different modes of transport in our current Geography topic 'Transport and Travel'. Year One did a fantastic job of researching and creating their own favourite modes of transport. We then discussed them together and now have them on display in our fantastic immersive classroom for all to see! Well done Year One!

Reception children have really enjoyed Understanding the World this week. They have learnt new vocabulary, made links, become familiar with the book, 'There are No Dragons in this Story' applied phonic knowledge, worked together to create aerial maps, learnt the features of their own immediate environment, learnt the name of the village and the town the school is located in and much, much more!

Learning in History and Geography- Autumn Term

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Some fantastic examples of learning in History and Geography across the school

Year 6 Mexico

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Come and look at Year 6's amazing immersive learning environment based on the theme of Mexico!

Year 6 The United Kingdom

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Year 6 have combined their computer and research skills to produced some super powerpoints about different countries in The United Kingdom.