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The Readership Team

Reading Ambassadors promote reading and reading for pleasure across the school. They will do this by organising a range of book themed activities, keeping our school and class libraries up to date with new authors and books, helping organise author visits, helping organise visits to our local libraries as well as hosting book quizzes and sharing recommendations. Reading ambassadors help to lead book club meetings, lunchtime reading and book swap.

Readership Team Meeting focussing on Reading for Pleasure

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Reading in Reception

Scan the QR code and sit back and listen to two of Reception children fluently, and with expression, read their book. I am sure you will agree, this is outstanding reading from some of our youngest children.

Year 5- Author Event

We were lucky enough to be invited to an author event with the amazing Michael Rosen to mark the beginning of Refugee Week. He shared lots of poetry about where we fit in, in the world and shared many stories about the journeys that refugees make to find a home.

Year 5- Boy in the Tower

The children thoroughly enjoyed reading their class text this half term- Boy in the Tower. They were completely hooked, right up until the very last chapter and were happy to know that all of the characters survived the deadly 'Blutchers'.

Let's hope they never invade Stainforth!

Year 4 - Harley Jones and the mystery of the Mayan King

Year 4 have read Harley Jones and the mystery of the Mayan King in Summer 1. The children have worked really hard to provide evidence from the text when answering inference questions. 

Reception Children visiting the Reading Room

Children in Reception really enjoy visiting the Reading Room to choose a reading for pleasure book to take home and share with their adults.

Y3-Book Talk

Here is some of Y3s learning around skills such as predicting, retrieving, and inferring. The children have enjoyed reading the boy who biked the world this term, and have used the text to inspire their own adventure narratives.

Year 3-Book Talk

In Year 3, the children have enjoyed reading Them Ancient Egypt Sleepover’, and building on their comprehensive skills such as inferring from the text using evidence, using dictionaries to check meaning of words, and predicting what might happen in the text.

We had lots of fun in Nursery for World Book Day. We enjoyed doing lots of superhero artwork. We also went to the reading room where we enjoyed listening to a story in our book club before selecting books to enjoy ourselves and to take home.

World Book Day in Year 1

We loved exploring our hero theme this year. Can you spot any heroes in our class?

World Book Day in Year 2

Year 2 loved dressing up for World Book Day, our theme was Heroes and Villains! Do you recognise any? 


World Book Day in Reception

What a fantastic day Reception have had. It's been all about books, books, books! Children have enjoyed listening to stories in the reading room, they have read stories themselves, written wanted posters for villains, written words to describe why we love reading and written quotes from their favourite characters. All the children made an exceptional effort with their costumes too!

In year 3, the children have been celebrating world book day with some hot seating activities, where they had to guess which class peers were villains or superhero’s. The children also enjoyed creating a recommended read folder for class 3. In this recommended read folder, the children had expressed their favourite authors, book characters, quotes, books, and illustrators. The children took inspiration from their book club books, and recommended reads. 

Year 4 celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite characters.

Holy Family staff performed a story to celebrate World Book Day!

Year 5- Author Event- Steven Camden

Year 6 - Book Talk - Private Peaceful

Year 6 enjoyed reading Private Peaceful this half term as it provided lots of information relating to our topic

Year 2: Author event

Year 2 were thrilled to hear from Swapna Haddow, we enjoyed listening to a chapter from her new book! 

We then researched and explored the author, maybe we will choose her for our next Spotlight author!


"Swapna Haddow is the multi award-winning children’s author of the Dave Pigeon series, which has received rave reviews since first publishing in 2016. Dave Pigeon went on to win three regional awards in the UK and was shortlisted for the prestigious Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Award."

Year 1: National Storytelling Week event with Swapna Haddow!

Year 1 joined a very interesting author event. We met Swapna Haddow, a multi award-winning children’s author. Swapna loves to write about boisterous animals that cause mayhem and has written the Bad Panda and Ballet Bunnies series

Reading for pleasure in Year 4!

Year 4 have a new spotlight author this half term! Our author is C.S Lewis. The children have been ‘getting lost’ in one of his famous fantasy narratives, ‘the lion, the witch and wardrobe!’.

The children have also recommended books to one another and given reasons for their recommendations.

Year 4 - Book club

This week, the children in Year 4 chose to listen to The lost Rainforest: Mez's magic as the 'Book I'd Like to Read Again'. The children were desperate to know if Lima (a bat in the story) had survived the dangers of the rainforest. 

Y3-Book Club

In Y3s reading room time, some of the children chose to read a short extract to the class, from a book they had chosen from our visit last week. Y3 children discussed why we liked this book and what made it an interesting and enjoyable read.

Year 2 Book Club

Year two really enjoy visiting the reading room to share stories and discuss our favourite books. This week we focused on different genres making links to our literacy topic and also sharing a story from our spotlight author, Anthony Browne.

FS2 Book Club

Reception children really enjoy visiting the reading room and taking part in book club. Today we discussed our favourite characters and setting.

Parent Phonics Meeting - Listening to your child Read

During the second session of our parent meetings, adults were introduced to how their children are learning to read words by blending sounds together. They were also made aware of Fred Talk and how he can help children with their reading. Parents were also informed of how they can help their children read at home.

Year 5- Book Club


This week, the children in year 5 chose Beowulf as the 'Book I'd Like to Read Again'. They really enjoyed hearing all about the Dragon and how he came to be in the mountain with his golden hoard.

Year 1 really enjoyed reading for pleasure in the reading room. They chose their own books, read independently and shared books with their friends.

Year 6 Book Talk - The Explorer

Year 6 have enjoyed reading the adventure narrative - The Explorer. We learnt lots of reading skills such as predicting, summarising, retrieving information and a variety of inference skills

Year 6 - Author Event involving Matt Lucas!

Year 6 attended a National Literacy Trust event that included the famous Matt Lucas!!! He was promoting his new book - The Boy Who Slept Through Christmas!

The Great Green Escape Event by the National Literacy Trust

Year 6 joined a National Literacy Trust Event that promoted the book; The Great Green Escape. Children listened and learned about how to make a big impact on our world for future generations..

Y3-Class reader


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Our Y3 pupils enjoy reading their choice of book to the class during class reader time.

Each Tuesday Y3 enjoy a visit to our school reading room, where they can develop their love for reading. Each child enjoys a relaxing sit down with a book, and chooses one they would like to take home and read throughout school.

Year 4 - Matt Lucas author event

Year 4 took part in an author event with Matt Lucas. The children heard Matt Lucas reading aloud his latest book, 'The boy who slept through Christmas!' Matt Lucas asked the children for ideas of what could go wrong at Christmas and Matt loved our idea so much that he read it out to the other schools! 

Year 5- Library Visit

Year 5 enjoyed a trip to the local library where they were able to spend quality time reading a range of different books. The children were even able to chose a book to take home and keep! 

Reception Children being supported in Reading from Year 1 & 2 Children

Children from Years 1 & 2 came and spent some time with Reception children to support them with their reading. Great reading buddies, thank you Year 1 and Year 2.

Y3-Stainforth Library visit

Today In Y3, we visited Stainforth Library where the children were able to immerse their selfs in a range of different books. The children enjoyed reading different genres in a comfortable and calming setting. Y3 were also able to choose a book to take back to school with them to read.

Nursery Visit the Reading Room.

Nursery enjoy visiting the Reading Room every week. We have to go carefully up the stairs, making sure we hold on tight. Once we are up there, we explore the books and choose one to take home. We enjoy listening to a story whilst we are there.

Year 2- Reading Room Visits

Year 2 Reading Room 

Year 2 enjoy visiting the reading room weekly. The children select a book to 'read for pleasure' they enjoy exploring different genres and sharing stories together in the reading room, particularly the soft cushion seats! 

FS2 Visit the Reading Room

FS2 children really enjoyed reading for pleasure in the reading room. They chose their own books, read independently and shared books with their friends.

Year 6 - Stainforth Library visit

Year 6 enjoyed their time at the local Stainforth library reading a variety of books for pleasure...

Year 2 Library Visit 

Year 2 enjoyed visiting the library to sign up and receive their own library card. We shared lots of books together and discussed how the library was arranged similar to ours, discussing the different genres. 

Y3 MG Leonard Virtual Author Event.

Y3 enjoyed taking part in the MG Leonard Virtual Author event, with the National Literacy Trust.

Year 5 Author Event- Illustrator Jackie Morris

Year 5 enjoyed taking part in an author event with the illustrator Jackie Morris. We learnt about her inspiration and methods used for drawing and we were introduced to her new book of illustrations depicting animals in poems. We all agreed that her pictures really were beautiful.

Year 1 - Take 10

Take 10 with Ziggy Hanaor and Ollie Silvester, the author-illustrator duo behind Gory Rory Fangface Needs A Kiss.

Y3-Take ten with Susie Dent.

The children enjoyed listening about Susie Dents discussion around taking time out for reading. Y3 discussed how they might like to participate in take 10 in the future. For example poetry writing, or story writing.

Y3-Book talk

The children have enjoyed reading the Iron Man book. Throughout this term, children have developed their reasoning, predicting, inferencing, and retrieval skills. 

Year 5 Book Talk- Beowulf

The children thoroughly enjoyed reading their class text this half term and were eager to find out what happened to Beowulf as he battled monsters and beasts throughout the story. The loved exploring the characters and their motives and even, at times, empathised with the beasts as they sought their revenge against the hero himself. Take a look at some of the amazing work and responses the children developed in lessons as they explored the text...

In Book Talk, Year 6 have really enjoyed reading and answering a variety of comprehension questions on our class book; Who Let the Gods Out? by Maz Evans...

Year 6 have taken part in #Take10ToRead

Year 6 took part in the Literacy Trust initiative Take 10 which involves 10 minutes reading for pleasure. We also met the famous Susie Gent from Countdown who talked to us about how reading is an important pleasure in her life...

Year 5- Reading Room

The children really enjoyed their visit to the reading room this week to take the chance to read for pleasure.

Year 4 have visited Stainforth Library where they explored different text types. They read to their peers and listened to library staff read a chosen text to them. 

Year 5 Author Event- #Take 10 with Susie Dent

The children enjoyed taking part in a '#Take 10' for mental health author event with Susie Dent.

They learnt all about lexicology and explored their own favourite words and why they are special to them.

Year 4 have taken part in #Take10ToRead

Year 4 took part in #Take10ToRead. The children listened to wordsmith, Suzie Dent, who discussed how taking time out to read can be beneficial for our mental health as well as our reading miles. 

Year 5- Beowulf

The children were excited to start their new class text- Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. They explored the first chapter of the book and identified important characters and facts they now know. They then developed questions based on what they would like to find out as we read the book further and gave their opinions on the text so far.

We can't wait to find out what happens!

Year 2- National Literacy Trust #taketentoread

Year 2- National Literacy Trust author event. They enjoyed watching the National Literacy Trust #take10toread author event. We listened to a story written by Ziggy Hanoar and illustrated by Ollie Silvester. They discussed why they chose to write and illustrate the story the way they did and we listened to them read the story. 

All of the fantastic learning and events below took place in the academic year of 2022-2023.

Y3 - Reading Bus

Year 4 had an author visit from Philip Sheppard. He shared books he had written and illustrated, and even gave us a sneak peek into the new book he’s currently working on. The children completed a draw along with Philip Sheppard, which shows we may have some future illustrators at Holy Family.

Reading- Parvana's Journey

The children in year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed immersing themselves in their new class book- Parvana's Journey. This story follows the adventures of a young girl, whose father has just died, on her way to find her mother and sisters. Take a look at what they have been working on so far.

Y3 - The Train To Impossible Places

Year 4 - World Book Day

Year 4 created 3D portraits of famous books that they have enjoyed reading. Can you recognise some of the famous titles? 

Year 1 World Book Day 2023! Year 1 really enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters this year and working together with Year 2 to create artwork for our chosen book 'The Enormous hungry crocodile.' We created a 3D crocodile's body to display in our reading room using paint, cardboard, paper and glue! We also created wooden spoon characters from the story such as crocodiles, monkeys and elephants. 

Year Two World Book Day

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This year World Book Day 2023 the theme was 'Reading for Pleasure'. As a class, in year two, we decided to focus on the story of 'The Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl. We then enjoyed creating story spoons, retelling the story, crocodile pegs and using Talk for Writing to retell the story. We acted some parts of the story out and also explored the characters we had dressed up as and spent the day as those characters!

Year Two World Book Day

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Can you spot any of your favourite story characters?

EYFS children have used a range of different media to create fabulous art work. Tissue paper, wool, paint, feathers and cotton wool were all used for a purpose to create different animals linked to their chosen book. They chose 'What the Lady Bird Heard' as there reading for pleasure book linked to World Book Day 2023. New skills were taught and previous skills were applied. The childrens creations look fantastic displayed in our reading room. 

Take a look at Reception children dressed as their favourite characters for World Book Day! I'm sure you will agree, the effort these children have gone to is amazing! 

World Book Day 2023

The children throughout school have been creating wonderful pieces of artwork representing their favourite books, characters and authors to show their love of reading on World Book Day.

Take a look at their amazing work!

Holy Family Recommended Reads

FS2 enjoying the Reading Room

FS2 are already enjoying reading for pleasure. Thay have visited the reading room and looked at a range of books and chose a reading for pleasure book to share at home with their parents. 

Year 4 - KS2 Virtual Author event with poet Tomos Roberts

The children in Year 4 enjoyed the virtual Author event with poet Tomos Roberts - they asked lots of questions and listened to Tomos' answers well.

Year 6 children enjoying some important reading time at the Stainforth Library!

Year 5- Parvana's Journey

Year 5 are reading the captivating story of a young girl's journey through Afghanistan to find her family. We are really enjoying the story and the moral questions that are being raised throughout the book and can't wait to find out more!

World Book Day in FS1

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World Book Day

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Reception children celebrated the 25th anniversary of World Book Day – Our day was filled with lots of exciting, celebratory ways to promote reading for pleasure on World Book Day, and all-year round.

Children in Reception are so excited to become book worms and read their new fiction and non-fiction topic books.

Readership Team Meeting focussing on reading texts

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In Nursery, we love exploring lots of different books, we have especially enjoyed reading about dragons this half term.

Our amazing Reading Room

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Author visits

KS2 author visit

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KS2 had an author visit from the 'Happy Here' authors Joe Coelho, Clare Weze and illustrator Dorcas Magbadelo. KS2 even took part in a draw along with author, Dorcas Magbadelo.

Doncaster Storytelling Festival

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The theme for this years storytelling festival is, 'A Wonderland of Stories' Reception children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this workshop. They were introduced to new vocabulary, movement and expression. A fantastic morning had by all.

Authors in Reception

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The children have really enjoyed writing their book, 'When the Dragons Came' They took part in drama to develop their communication skills, worked collaboratively to improving their confidence and they really enjoyed editing and choosing pictures they wanted to use in their book. Children also joined in with repeated refrains and wrote sentences independently. Great work Reception!

During our learning about Chinese New Year, Reception children read simple sentences from menus and books, enjoyed class reader time and thoroughly enjoyed using a familiar book in role play.

Year One Reading Puppets

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In Year One we have enjoyed 'perfecting' our sewing skills and creating our own 'Reading Puppets'.
We used a needle and thread to sew them, which was very tricky at times, we had to demonstrate resilience!
Our reading puppets can listen to us read and help us with fluency and expression!

Reception children love reading at home with their adults, this child is getting better at reading with fluency.

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Year 6 children who have read every single day this half term were put into a prize draw; the winner, Warrent -Austin! Well done everyone and keep on reading! 

Year 4 had a wonderful time visiting the library!

Year 1 Visit the Library!

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Year 1 enjoyed a lovely walk to the library, for some of us it was the first time we had visited the library what a fantastic new experience! Each child received their own library card so that they can borrow books to enjoy reading at home.
We were amazed at the range of books and genres and shared stories together with a drink and biscuit, we will definitely be returning!

Year 5's visit to Stainforth Library

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The following photos show the Reading environment in the Year 6 classroom including our Reading Champion for Autumn 1 - Megan Lazenby! Children who read every day were placed in a Year 6 raffle and were in with a chance of winning a fantastic prize!

Year 6 - Books, books and more books...

Friday 8th October #Take10 Reading and Wellbeing

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At Holy Family we participated in the National Literacy Trust's #Take10 for Reading and Wellbeing Event. Each and every member of our school family enjoyed listening to a famous author Tom Percival and then we enjoyed taking 10 minutes to enjoy our favourite books. An event we all enjoyed...sharing our love for Reading.

Year 6 Our Audio Stories

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Are you sitting comfortably? Come and listen to Year 6's audio stories! All stories have been planned and drafted by year 6 ready to be published as an audio story, modelling good fluency and expression. Happy listening!

World Book Day 2021 - Bedtime Stories

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World Book Day took place on Thursday 4th March 2021 and this year Holy Family celebrated the importance of 'Reading Together' with our 'Bedtime Story Sharing' theme. All children attended their virtual classrooms wearing their pyjamas and bringing their favourite book ready to share. All staff attended school in their pyjamas too! To celebrate the importance of a 'book before bed' Holy Family teachers uploaded a new bedtime story on our remote learning platform 'TEAMS' every evening at 6;45pm for a week for everyone to listen too. We hope everyone enjoyed listening! All the staff, parents and children also came together via TEAMS to share a special assembly about the different reasons why a bedtime story is so important for children of all ages.
Everyone at Holy Family loves to read and we have captured this in our video. Keep reading everyone!