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Activities you could do at home:

  • Reflect on your lenten promise. 
    • Did you manage to keep it? 
    • What went well?
    • What could have been better? 
    • When was it most difficult to keep your promise?
    • How did you feel every day you kept the promise? 
  • Draw a station of the cross. 
    • What are you representing? 
    • What colours will you use?
    • What media will you use?/ Could you recreate the image with a different media?
    • Evaluate your picture - What do you like about it? 
  • Retell the Easter story.
    • Could you tell it in a different way? Maybe a newspaper or poem for example.
    • Who are the key characters? 
    • What order did things happen in? 
    • How would characters be feeling? Do the feelings change throughout the story? 
  • Write a prayer
    • Could you write a thank you prayer to God for all the people who are helping to battle against the Coronavirus?
    • Could you write a prayer asking for safety and good health for friends and loved ones?