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Holy Week

Below are some resources and activities to complete during Holy week. Try and complete the activities on the correct day where possible. 


  • Palm Sunday - Read the information on the file and complete the activity
  • Maundy Thursday  - Use the information file to help you set up a meal to share with your family. 
  • Good Friday - Research online and look at the different stations of the cross. Recreate one of the images, think about the colours you will need to use. Why have you chosen those colours? What do they represent? Why have you chosen the media you have? 
  • Easter Sunday - Use the writing frame and pictures provided to retell the story of Holy week and Easter. 


You can use online resources to help you find out more information if you need. 

The BBC bitesize link below may help. 

What is Easter? 


Below are some links to resources that will help with supporting RE learning.


Activities you could do at home:

  • Reflect on your lenten promise. 
    • Did you manage to keep it? 
    • What went well?
    • What could have been better? 
    • When was it most difficult to keep your promise?
    • How did you feel every day you kept the promise? 
  • Draw a station of the cross. 
    • What are you representing? 
    • What colours will you use?
    • What media will you use?/ Could you recreate the image with a different media?
    • Evaluate your picture - What do you like about it? 
  • Retell the Easter story.
    • Could you tell it in a different way? Maybe a newspaper or poem for example.
    • Who are the key characters? 
    • What order did things happen in? 
    • How would characters be feeling? Do the feelings change throughout the story? 
  • Write a prayer
    • Could you write a thank you prayer to God for all the people who are helping to battle against the Coronavirus?
    • Could you write a prayer asking for safety and good health for friends and loved ones?