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Life Skills

While you are all spending additional time at home, you have a great opportunity to practise and perfect some vital life skills. 


With any skills that you choose to practise, remember that it is important that you stay sensible and safe, especially when using equipment. Make sure you have permission and supervision when using sharp tools, cooking, boiling the kettle or while undertaking any task that could be dangerous. 


Some life skills you could learn may include: 

  • Sewing
    • Making a blanket using a quilting technique
    • Stitching to take in clothes/shorted trousers
    • Patching holes in clothes/materials
  • Cooking
    • Making your own breakfast
    • Baking cakes or other sweet treats
    • Creating a balanced diet
    • Organising a shopping list/budgeting for meals
    • Making the right amount of food for the family
    • Helping with preparing meals
  • Making a cup of tea
    • Boiling the kettle (Be extremely careful with the water and ask permission first!)
    • Adding sugar/milk
    • Stirring
    • Making coffee/Hot chocolate - What is the same? What changes? 
  • Cleaning/ Household tasks
    • Sorting clothes for laundry
    • Washing up
    • Hoovering
    • Keeping surfaces clean/wiping/dusting
    • Cleaning bedroom/putting own clothes or toys away
    • Making your own bed/Changing sheets
    • Setting the table for meal times
  • Gardening
    • Watering plants
    • Mowing the grass
    • Weeding - Which plants are flower? Which are weeds?