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Curriculum intent


At Holy Family Catholic Primary School, our knowledge based curriculum is designed to build on children's prior learning and experiences by fostering resilience, encouraging children's thirst for new experiences and developing the skills of enquiry enabling children to speak clearly and confidently about their learning.

We do this by providing the highest possible standards for the children in our care. Through challenging, stimulating, creative and inspirational opportunities, we enable children to make connections between their skills, knowledge and concepts and work independently and collaborating with others.

Children leave Holy Family Catholic Primary School belonging to a tightly knit school community. They have the confidence and skills to make significant decisions through peer and self reflection and have aspirations and high expectations of themselves, enabling them to enhance their cultural capital and know about life beyond Stainforth.




Children experience a broad and balanced curriculum through three different themes. Our Autumn theme revolves around History (with cross-curricular links) where our children gain knowledge about exciting and key historical events which leads to children asking further questions that directs the learning taking place in classrooms.

Our Spring term theme is Geography where our children learn all about their local environment; this progresses through Doncaster, Yorkshire and continues until children understand key geographical features around the United Kingdom.

Our Summer term theme expands on the Spring term theme as we want our children to look at life beyond Stainforth, therefore the children gain knowledge and understanding about different countries and cultures from around the world. 

Children learn essential knowledge that is celebrated at the end of each theme with parents through an exciting community event.




Our children will leave Holy family having gained valuable knowledge and skills of enquiry they will always remeber and communicate with to fellow peers and visitors in school.  No matter what background, our children will experience an eye-opening curriculum that will allow them to succeed in today's society, encourage them to continue their studies past high school and allow them to aspire to be the best they can possibly be and look beyond their community.