Holy Family Catholic Primary School

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The phonics programme we follow is called Read Write Inc. (RWI). In reception we are just beginning to blend sounds together to create words. We are currently focusing on the following sounds:

            m      a        s         d          t

Words that can be created from these sounds are as, at, mad, mat, sad, sat, tad, dam. It is really important that the children practise blending sounds together to create words so please blend, blend, blend with your children at home. 


Playing simple listening games can help your children understand phonics a lot more. Asking your child 'Can you get your c-oa-t?' 'Sit on the ch-air.' etc. will help them understand 'fred talk' or 'sounding out'.


Below is a video to help you pronounce 'pure' sounds. Please be aware that we are only currently learning set 1 sounds.




At Holy Family we use cursive handwriting. We think it's important to use pre-cursive handwriting in reception to prepare the children for when they use cursive handwriting when they enter year 2.


Below I will place pre cursive handwriting sheets for the children to practise at home....